s, probably now worth more by weight than anything else on four legs .. I went on Digikey, armed with a data sheet, and there do. NTE Equvilent NTE MOSFET N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE 20V IDSS= 5- 35MA TO CASE GATE PROTECTED VHF AMP/MIXER NTE Data Sheet. Tube or Röhre ID, Transistor, Wires and VHF shown. Radio tubes are valves.

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Granted, the AD part is a much better chip. Some websites are absolutely woeful, bringing up results that have one word of your search in them, and in no way relate to what you need… eg: I sure hope not!.

Maybe not feasible for mass production, but sure as hell no problem for any amateur building a circuit with only a handfull of these…. And you can go from e. Other things came long. They contained significant excerpts from semiconductor data sheets, and we read their wealth of information from cover to cover. As a fresh-faced electronic engineering student while the first Gulf War was raging in a far-off desert, I learned my way through the different families of 74 logic at a university in the North of England.

Now all this said there is perhaps a different case for the ol TL and the likes but still they are cheap.

The Curse Of The 40673: Zombie Components That Refuse To Die

What the full-blown rant in the previous paragraphs has been building up to is this: And people wonder why I hoard old analogue TV tuners. An Apple I replica like the Mimeo 1 needs old logic chips for artistic purposes.


That line was ambiguous. The second gate also made it easy to control the gain when used as an RF amplifier. So who knows, there might be a demand for them again! Another part that came and went but in my mind at least showed fantastic promise was the tunnel diode. Detector diodes have modern replacements, but power germaniums do not, and I have searched hard! This is probably leftover from my war years: I actually try to use as few different components as possible, to reduce storage requirements and simplify design.

Notify me of new comments via email. My EE course tried to teach me to be an EE academic more datashet it did a professional engineer. Big paper-bound books the size of telephone directories were our only window into the exciting world of electronic components.

Those people probably bought the kit if it was available. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

The Curse Of The Zombie Components That Refuse To Die | Hackaday

Higher performance mixers like a diode double balanced mixer would likely require way more components as well as an extra RF amp stage and a diplexer. Really great UHF front end components. Happened to stumble across two of those in my old bag of bits just the other day. Rochester electronics is one such place that will supply parts albeit expensively until the cows come home.

To that end you can find more than one manufacturer of these parts that seem to have an eternal need. I did a little searching — Dons site has a LOT of stuff! Seriously, they made a chip just for that. Given these are devices from a past generation, the BF others mentioned certainly seems to fill the bill for a replacement and you can buy them by the bag-full from the usual Asian suppliers.


Inverters are not particularly space constrained. I use HC parts as level translators with mixed 3v3 and 5v logic parts dafasheet there a good cheap option and do the job well. To provide fail-proof as much as possible! The window for scrounging is closing. I think TI has it right and they recognized where they needed to be with things.

In the early sixties, the JFET came along, those were seen as less prone to overload. BF, unless my memory fails me. As a mixer with LO input: But searching for cow brings up an equally useless list!

There are markets where product life expectancy and maintainability are more of concern and this introduces some other dynamics.

I think all your points are valid [AussieLauren] and they are perhaps more valid than you expect.

Datasheet(PDF) – New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.

They wanted to use what they had, or what they could scrounge. The 45 dB range 8 bits in voltage devices are dirt cheap and super xatasheet. BTW, for anyone who has to deal with a 3n, observe every ESD precaution in the planet with that part because they are extremely 406733.

Thus an association was formed, when you want a quick logic function then 74HC is the modern one to go for. Compare that with some power mosfets that seems like if you breathe on them wrong they will expire.