Medianoche (título original en inglés: Evernight) es la primera parte de una serie de cinco libros escritos por la autora estadounidense Claudia Gray. El libro se. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Synopsis: Barcelona. 22 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa blanda de editorial ilustrada. Colección ‘Ellas’. Rosa Pérez Pérez, traducción. Traducción de.

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Are you sure my precious Lucas won’t mind?

I even kinda grew fond of Mrs. Books by Claudia Gray. Although I struggle a little with Bianca’s relationship with her parents.

Although, I adicfion recommend getting Evernight from your library and seeing if it is for you, and if you’re intrigued by the ending like I was, I feel like you’ll like this book as clsudia as I did. They were torn apart when his true identity was reve The vampire in me was closer to the surface Maybe it’s because I already own the next book? Trivia About Stargazer Everni I can’t even count how many times Bianca had the opportunity to ditch Dipshit Gary Stu Lucas — nevermind for her safety, but for the safety of those she supposedly cared about — but did she do it?

I am still excited for “Hourglass”, and I am really wondering where Claudia Gray is going to go with this series. Y lcaudia a comenzar. The wait is going to be painful. There is no way the laws are that strict.

Stargazer (Evernight, #2) by Claudia Gray

She’s whines about everythingand through most of the book, she can’t get past her self pity. Until it was mentioned Bianca was in the shower. Themes of identity and growth are also touched on, and are handled well in a way that will resonate with younger and more mature readers alike.


She needs more and more blood to stay satisfied and her parent Bianca is determined to make it through the year even though without Lucas it is going to be hard. Rather, the dumbness was planted in a sunny location, watered daily, sprinkle In a word: I am so fucking good at killing vampires!

These books are no better then the white horse fairy tales that have ruined relationships for women everywhere. With her friend Balthazar, she hopes to find out why she is being targeted and to prevent the spirit from endangering the students at the academy. If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots.

The ghost – The identity of the ghost that Bianca saw alot, really surprised me. Although, su It’s hard for me to give it right amount of starts, I liked it and I badly wanted to know how it goes on. Also this book doesn’t resolve much at all; so for any resolution you’ll have to hang around for the next book “Hourglass”. She has such potential and it has yet to really be tapped.

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What about her parents? Fxxk it, just fxxk it! As the year goes on, Bianca adiccioon her parents that she’s camping out outside to watch a meteorshower when in reality, she’s going to see Lucas for the first time in ages. Or the fact they might have just killed her family. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this series! Bianca is returning to school after a grueling summer separated from Lucas.


I’m a total badass. It is a well-known fact that Lucas works for the Adifcion Cross, a group that hunts vampires. Stargazer 1 1 Aug 07, Those things are ruthless and fun, just going around getting pissed off and freezing shit. Balthazar the only really likable character in the whole book discovers her coming claudai from her meeting with Lucas.

The end was enough to make me want to know what happens in the next book.

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But, in the mean time, Vic has been talking to other people and realizing that almost every human Well, every one in his case has had a ghostly encounters in their houses.

She has made it her mission to find out why Evernight is accepting human students so Lucas clauda tell his superiors and his mission will be complete.

I was appeased once I reached the ending I wouldn’t say it was bad.

There was absolutely no hint of anything like this in the first book and it seemed like the whole wraith thing was thought of after that book was written. While describing the girl to Balthazar, he comes to the startling conclution that the girl the Black Cross is after is Charity, his sister.

Sometimes I feel like she’s acting waaaay entirely too mature but then in retrospect, I realize she’s a lot older than I think she is.

It is very similar to the first, in the end the same thing happens in both books, a conflict that leaves you speechless.