He acquired physics, chemistry, mathematics, and geography books and .. Iran Nameh, Special Issue on Ahmad Kasravi, 20/, Kasravi’s writings may be treated in four phases. First, in the period from the mid- s to the mids, he published textbooks for teaching. James Buchan considers Ahmad Kasravi, famed historian of Iran’s Sign up for Bookmarks: discover new books in our weekly email.

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Payedar, fifth printing,p. His understanding of language and its role in modern society was incorporated into the framework of his project for the construction of a modern nation-state in Iran replicating the European model of nation-states.


In order not to impede kasraavi performance of the new provincial government and to avoid all confrontation, Kasravi and his companions dissolved their group by sending out a press release. Kasravi had a peculiar aversion to Persian poetry, considered by many to be one of the glories of Iranian civilisation and quite a match for poetry in English. After a while, he did no more than officiate at religious marriages, and he refrained from performing the other duties of his position.

Selected books and essays by scholars and writers. Ali Shariati some three decades later, Kasravi considered that there were two kinds of Islam:.

The object of religion, he argued, was to secure the welfare of the people by finding solutions to their daily problems such as kasraavi, unemployment, and ill health. Ferdows, Tehran,pp. Inhe was appointed to the Department of the Inspector-General, newly created by the minister of justice, to scrutinize the tribunals of various departments.

Ahmad Kasravi – Wikipedia

shmad Reflections on Safavid history and historiography”. That was the period when the enforced modernization of the country was in full swing. Supported by the Soviets, the Party constituted a local authority to which the Iranian army units stationed in Azerbaijan submitted.


From the age of 25, when he began to write in Tabriz inuntil his assassination 30 years later inhe wrote numerous articles and published some 70 books and pamphlets on a wide range of subjects from history and linguistics to social issues and religious reformism. What’s New – Home – Login. For a comprehensive bibliographical survey on Kasravi, see below, vii.

The controversy around Kasavi’s arguments and his assassination could not have escaped the thirteen year old, inquisitive Ali Shari’ati. Kasravi’s criticism of the mechanical, superstitious, ahistorical and dogmatic nature of Shi’ism, as it was practised in his day, left an undeniable mark on the Muslims who sought to modernize their religion.

Category: Books by Ahmad Kasravi

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. He would also occasionally visit the main bazaar in town to pass some hours at the business offices of his circle, where he met educated men, all of them partisans of liberty, some of whom spoke European languages. Nothing is left of that Islam.

This conformist attitude reveals to us how difficult it was for him to free his mind from the influence of the religious education he had received in his youth. Basically, he believed and wrote that ” all the present-day representations of Islam have been deviated from the essence and the true concept of its foundation”. The occupation of the country by foreign troops, which lasted until the end of the war, created a condition of disorder and fostered intense political rivalry within the Assembly and in the press.

Rezakhani, Khodadad Rice, D. If there is a difficulty for the general reader, it is the strange nomenclature of that period before the introduction of surnames by the Pahlavis inand the baffling proliferation of aristocratic titles: This article has multiple issues.

At the Drop of a Veil. The next chapter is about the negative effect of Sufism on its followers because of the zhmad of the ideology. About three years later, at the urging of his family he left that trade to resume his theological studies.


Having had a traditional clerical education, Kasravi must have anticipated the traditional response of the clerical community to anmad discourse. Please help book this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Sufi Castigator investigates the writings of Ahmad Kasravi, one of the foremost intellectuals in Iran. CPD consists of any educational activity which helps to maintain and develop knowledge, problem-solving, and technical skills with the aim to provide better health care through higher standards. Intellectual Traditions Series Bibliotheca Iranica: The Russians increased their numbers there, and the Ottoman troops, fighting the Russian army, approached Tabriz. He hoped that Esperanto would become, by reason of its extreme simplicity, the second language of every nation on earth Kasravi,p.

Mardom-e yahud Jewish people amhad, of which only 17 pages had been written before his assassination in By the dawn of the twentieth century, Iran was sinking deeper into crisis. Life and Work Early life.

Privacy Policy Add Comment. Kasravi reproached the clergy on several counts. Privacy Policy Add Comment. The Incipience of the Cosmos. He derided their role in deepening the animosity between Shi’i and Sunni Muslims. For their part, the English, in collaboration with the nomadic tribal chiefs of the south and southwest, were getting ready to impose their ahmsd in the southern provinces and Khuzestan. While Amad Teymourtash was a strong supporter of his works, Mohammad Ali Foroughi is said to have taken strong exception to his literary theories and banned him from contributing to the Farhangestan or book continue publishing.