Watch Akbari Asghari online from any device only on STARZ PLAY. Subscribe now and enjoy 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL. Akbari Asghari; adapted by Deputy Nazir Ahmed’s Urdu novel Mirat Ul Uroos, produced by Samina Humayun for her production house Six.

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Episode 4 While Asghar tells his grandmother that he is ready for marriage, Asghari refuses to get married.

Add the first question. Full Cast and Crew. When they see Akbar they are worried because Akbar is very religious. Edit Storyline A romantic comedy about two sisters and their journey from a western to Oriental life On returning to Pakistan, he tells his peer religious figure about the relationship between Asghari and Raj and the peer convinces him that to save Asghari from marrying a non-Muslim, he must marry her instead.

On the day of dholki, Asghari had to come and attend the wedding. Episode 18 Akbar refuses Akbari when she invites him to a restaurant where she works for lunch. Share this Rating Title: Behadd TV Movie Asghar blames Akbar that he is marrying Akbari out of his greed for money. Asghar refuses Sara when she asks him for a certain amount of money for getting married. Fawad Khan did an awesome job playing a comedy role. When Hatim goes to do shopping of the marriage Akbari plans to aasghari from the house.

This may take a second or two. Edit Details Official Sites: In America, Akbar also slowly befriends Asghari but is upset when he sees her with her friend Raj, a Hindu Indian whom he mistakes to be her boyfriend.


Akbari Becky Fawad Khan Buland lives in America and works for World Bank. Rudaba is an innocent girl who is engaged to her father’s friend and neighbor Buland Bukhtiar.

Akbari Asghari

Akbar refuses Akbari when she invites him to a restaurant where she works for lunch. The furious Shabbo vows to take revenge on Asghar for betraying her and tries to take every opportunity possible to make it look like he is akvari on Akbari with her. Shaheen and Luqmaan have a fight with each other.

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Akbari Asghari – Wikipedia

Asghari goes somewhere and upon her return asks her mother to not inform her father about it. The show was on air on Hum Europe from 8 May Close Window Loading, Please Wait!

Episode 10 Akbar insults Asghar when he shares with him his happiness of not getting married to a clever woman like Asghari. The story focuses on gender biasness and the difference between the classes in terms of the affluence level. On the day of marriage, Asghari starts dancing with the dancer which upsets the whole family.

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Akbari Asghari

To show Akbar the truth, Asghari goes to the peer with a problem and on seeing her beauty, he calls her to meet him at night. Episode 23 Akbar takes his mobile back from Akbari when she borrows it to call her a,bari and wish her on Diwali. Undoubtedly, for people like me who like to tune into lighthearted realistic dramas, this was actually real because people in their daily lives do have such fun moments too which were portrayed akbarl perfection in Akbari Asghari.

Asghar goes to the airport to receive Asghari.

Drama of The Week – Akbari Asghari! |

Zahra Hidayatullah and Maliha Sami have been close friends for over seven years. More articles by Zahra Mirza. Zahra belongs to a lower middle class family and Maliha comes from an upper class household, yet their class Episode 19 Asghar complains to his mother for frequently having an argument with Asghari.


She falls for Asghar in the end. Views Read Edit View history. On the other hand, Akbari is shown to be adjusting very badly in her new home.

Due to new tax regulations, we are legally required to keep a record of your country and city. Asghar goes and apologizes to Akbari and confesses his love for her and she too tells him she loves him and goes and thanks and apologizes to her mother-in-law.

She is rude to her mother-in-law but convinces all the other family members that she is the victim and gains their sympathy.

After the marriage, Hatim has a heart-attack so his father tells him to take Akbar to America so that he can take care of Hatim and his business. Episode 9 Asghar goes to the airport to receive Asghari.

Akbar who had left everything worldly thinking he was doing everything right for the sake of his Deen spent his life following the footsteps of his peer o murshid. Akbari is a fake girl who wants to win the hearts of her parents but akkbari also wants to do whatever she wishes.

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