Akka Mahadevi (ಅಕ್ಕ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ) was one of the early female poets of the Kannada language and a prominent personality in the. ಚೆನ್ನಮಲ್ಲಿಕಾರ್ಜುನಯ್ಯ ಆತ್ಮಸಂಗಾತಕ್ಕೆ ನೀನೆನಗುಂಟು . akka mahAdeviyavara vachana. hasivAdare UroLage bhikShAnnaMgaLuMTu. Vachanas of Akkamahadevi. VJachanas of Akkamahadevi, one of the greatest Kannada poets of the twelfth century, among other things, can be seen as poems .

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In the first phase she had renounced the worldly objects and attractions and in the second, discards the entire object based rules and regulations and in the third phase she starts her journey towards Srishila, where her eternal lover Chenna Mallikarjuna’s temple locates.

The Times of India.

If you will look, look; Amkamahadevi you won’t, don’t I can’t bear life unless I look at you and be happy. I can’t manage them both. This world and that other, cannot manage them both. Akka Mahadevi’s works are like the works of many other female Bhakti poets, also touches on themes of alienation: If one goes into the deep forest, maya goes along; O samsara, it does not leave my back, my hands; It akkamahadevvi me faith and then makes me forget.

If you will agree, agree; If you won’t don’t I can’t bear life unless I embrace you.

Akka Mahadevi describes her love for Lord Shiva as adulterous, viewing her husband and his parents as impediments to her union with her Lord.

Why grind this, why winnow?

Akka Mahadevi

Akkamahasevi on her determination to worship, no matter what: Views Read Edit View history. She is in hindsight seen as an inspirational woman for Kannada literature and the history of Karnataka. Read the best Basavanna Vachana in Kannada. She is in hindsight seen as an inspirational woman for Kannada literature and the history of Karnataka.


Even if I want to stay apart, Your maya will not leave me; Even if I struggle against it, this maya stays unbroken; Your maya doesn’t leave even if one stands firm; Those struggling to break this maya Are themselves broken. Also it is the holy place for devotees of Shiva since before the 12th century. Based on the use of her ankitaabout lyric poems or vachanas are attributed to Akka Mahadevi.

To the yogi, your maya became the yogini; To the ascetic, maya was the fair woman ascetic. Her non-conformist ways caused a lot of consternation in a conservative society and even her eventual guru Allama Prabhu had to initially face difficulties in enlisting her in the gatherings at Anubhavamantapa. Allama shows her the further way of attaining the transcendent bliss of ultimate union with Lord Chenna Mallikarjuna.

After my mind became Thyself, whom could I invoke? Built in Share via Whatsapp. If one can single out the body’s ways it’s vachangalu to have bodies. How could I hold together in my hand Two different fruits, O Chennamallikarjuna?

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Get your Free Bingo game offline and enjoy the best Bingo game out there! The Vachanas Of Virasaivite Women”. After my consciousness was lost ak,amahadevi Thee, Whom could I know? People, male and female, blush when a cloth covering their shame comes loose When the lord of lives lives drowned without a face in the world, how can you be modest? A household name in Karnataka, she had said that she was a woman only in name and that her mind, body and soul belonged to Lord Shiva.


Akiamahadeviwho interprets it as ‘Lord white as jamine’. O mercy maker, I am afraid of your maya, O supreme master, Channamallikarjuna, jasmine-tender, Have mercy. So my lord Chennamallikarjuna is my husband.

What else you want ? – akka mahAdevi vachana

Maya is illusion, samsara the cycle of rebirth: Akka Mahadevi was born in in Udutadi or Udugani near the ancient city of Banavasi in the modern Shimoga district of Karnataka state, India. She composed relatively fewer poems than other saints of the movement.

The body’s wrong is like mother turning vampire. On her desire for a renewal of union with Shiva: When one knows in oneself Why ask others? About her mortal husband she says “Take these husbands who die decay, and feed them to your kitchen fires! A Study of Akka Mahadevi”.

Account Options Sign in. After my body became Kannnada, whom could I serve? In fact it kanhada here onwards that she becomes Akka, an elderly sister.

Akka was a revelation here in that she pursued enlightenment recording her journey in vachanas of simple language but great cognitive rigor. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Akka’s akkamqhadevi journey ends at Kadali the nearby thick forest area of Shrisaila Srisailam where she is supposed to have experienced union aikya with Chennamallikarjuna. On the difficulty of devotion.