The Prefect (Revelation Space) [Alastair Reynolds] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Critically-acclaimed author Alastair Reynolds creates. With his latest novel Alastair Reynolds has, not for the first time, produced a For me, at least, The Prefect was a make-or-break book and. The seventh novel set in Reynolds’s Revelation Space milieu (most recently encountered in his collection Galactic North) is a fascinating.

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Set in the year it follows Tom Dreyfus, a Prefect see definition 1, above who works for the law-enforcement agency of Panoply. Feb 01, Virginia rated it really liked it Shelves: A student monitor or officer, especially in a private school.

He creates new and imaginative places that are easy to believe and are a gift for us to read. I timely feed on goodreads sent me looking for new material.

There were a couple of annoying prefec in the plot, particularly towards the end, when a spectacularly dangerous prisoner is inexplicably left unguarded and therefore causes a predictable amount of trouble. They return to Panoply to find that the weevil attack has collapsed; the Clockmaker has uploaded itself into the Glitter Band’s data network and is fighting a digital war with Aurora. Back at Panoply, with Dreyfus in the field and out of communication, Gaffney manipulates the Senior Prefects into voting Aumonier out of office.

But I don’t think this spoils his work or any others.

You get these really wonderful and imaginative colonies like the Shumper-Oneill in which citizens have alasfair to impose a voluntary tyranny on prefecf because they feel liberated having the decision making part of their minds basically neutered by a self imposed autocratic government. Depressingly, you can always see the outline of a better book inside Reynolds and The Prefect is particularly frustrating because there are no huge mistakes, nothing you can point at and say “this broke the book;” instead it is eventually overwhelmed by an aggregate of small problems.

Each habitat offers something unique in lifestyle from your regular humdrum life on the planet. Now, that doesn’t strike anyone else as perhaps being relevant to ptefect current political situation in various Western nations, does it? Despite never having heard his name before a year ago, British science fiction writer Alastair Reynolds has turned into one of my favorite authors.


Some of my books and stories are set in a consistent future named after Revelation Space, the first novel, but I’ve done a lot of other things as well and I like to keep things fresh between books. Drefuss will soon discover that the atrocity is just the tip of prefet iceberg of a plot to overthrow the Glitter Rwynolds and Panoply.

Come on, that’s just unrealist It was decent and entertaining. Some of my books and stories are set in a consistent f I’m Al, now a Goodreads author. Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction.

I think several parts of The Prefect would make Chasm City more impactful but that is one, lone readers opinion. I know this is a standalone but, if starting the series from scratch, where would you recommend reading it The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds 1 1 Oct 12, This creates a varied yet strong team who deserve to be written about more.

Dreyfus confronts members of Firebrand, who confirm Aumonier’s theory, but reveal that the Clockmaker was not in fact destroyed; Firebrand became aware of the attack in advance and moved the Clockmaker. The worst thing about summarizing a Revelation Space book is that many concepts need to be explained to make any sense to the casual reader, a chore for the reviewer and the reader.

Strange Horizons – The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds By Martin Petto

Hamilton is th my favorite writer, but Reynolds gives him a run for his money! To ask other readers questions about The Prefectplease sign up. For those already familiar with the Revelation Space Universe and Reynolss would recommend reading the first Revelation Space book and possibly Chasm City first, before getting to this book our story is set in the Glitter Bandodd years before it gets hit by the Melding Plague and turns into the Rust Belt.

These days, his job is his life. Before they can conclude their investigation, however, the Ultranauts take justice into their own hands and destroy the ship, but not before Dreyfus is able to converse with the captain, who convinces him that his crew were not responsible.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Panoply cannot interfere within these orbiting “states” as long as the majority rule is perpetuated.

A theme of Reynolds’ work is the inclusion of complicated choices often between multiple, equally bad scenarios that his characters have to make and his obsession with identity and misdirection.


Mar 26, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: But maybe even virtual reality is not to your liking. It is simply a very, very good science fiction novel. I think Reynolds is hurt by the fact that he ends up describing a lot of interesting plot details through conversations with characters. The Prefects debate what to do about the emergence of the weevils, which have now left the four original habitats and are moving towards others.

The Prefect

In summary, this is a lengthy novel, but one that I felt held my attention nicely. October 2, at 3: Dreyfus and Sparver interview digital backups of the inhabitants of Ruskin-Sartorious. Jun 25, Lyn rated it really liked it. Want to Read saving….

So hooray for [Author]! Regaining consciousness, Dreyfus meets with Sparver. However, all decisions that relate to the whole are alaatair for or reynilds on the fly via the External Abstraction – an advanced form of internet which most people are constantly connected to via implant or machine accessories.

Of all the crimes in the Glitter Band, attempting to subvert the voting process is top of the list and will see you irreversibly killed and any digital copies of yourself erased.

It felt like two books, with the 2nd half having pretty cliched dialogue and resolution or story arcs that just occured because it was needed to qlastair either the character or story. See all 3 questions about The Prefect…. Original Fiction in His stories are deep, thoughtful, and have complex characters that inhabit his intricate fictional universe.

The plot however alasatir to fray badly about halfway through the book. With such tantalizing hints, it is only natural that readers would want to see more of the Glitter Band in its heyday, running the gamut of utopian, democratic, autocratic, escapist, and decadent societies. All of the worlds share in common a universal voting system that decides overall Glitter Band policies as well as local decisions.