Carrom Rules. These rules are taken from the International Carrom Federation all of your pieces, using the heavier ‘striker’, in any of the pockets before your. Following are the shorter version of the rules followed by the Indian Carrom Federation. matches shall be decided on the basis of best of. ICF has many national affiliates such as the All-India Carrom Federation, Australian Carrom Federation, and.

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The striker and carrom men are analogous to the cue ball and indiq ball in cue sports, respectively. Boards with larger pockets are used by beginners for easier game play. Queen value is three and value of the queen for a player is lost if he reaches Newer Post Older Post Home.

Views Read Edit View history. The only if he wins the board player will be permissible to be certified with the value of the Queen, Loser of the board will not get any point even if he holds the Queen. The usual riles are white or unstained and black for the players and red for the queen.

These pieces, aside from the special queenmay also be known as seedscoinspawns as in chessor pucks. If the winner selects feedration stroke, the loser shall have the right to select the side or vice versa. Retrieved from ” https: Boric acid powder is the most commonly used for this purpose.


ICF-approved pieces must have a diameter of no more than 3. Only two minutes feddration within playing arena will be allowed between second and third sets games. It is illegal to pot the Queen after the last piece since the queen must always be covered.


One carrom board with its surface made of glass is still available in one of the palaces in Patiala, India. Break in Carrom Break is taken by a player who has chosen to strike first. Energy Sources, Part A: If he fails, the turn will pass on to the opponent.

During those five minutes, umpires would complete all the formalities as required by them and in the meantime players may have trial testing of the board for two minutes to be completed before the scheduled time of the match. The opponent plays black.

NEW VERSION RULES – Indian Carrom Federation

On traditional carrom boards, the corner pockets are only slightly larger than the carrom men, but smaller than the striker. In other words, a player shall get two points for pocketing Queen at all stages of the set without any consideration of the score.

Winner of the toss has the option to choose side or to break. Rules of Carrom are universally followed all around the world. If the queen is not covered it will be taken out.

American carrom boards also have pockets built into the corners, rather than circular holes in the board, to make pocketing easier. These boards may also be printed with the circular pattern for playing crokinole.


Carrom Rules, Rules of Carrom, Carrom Rules Books

Each player is allowed to pocket carrom men czrrom any colour. Each set game to be decided on the basis of a maximum of 6 boards or 21 points whichever is earlier from 1st round till Final in all categories of events and matches.

The carrom striker normally weighs 15 grams. Third Game in Carrom In the third game ruules players shall change sides after reaching 13 points or after completion of the fourth board whichever is earlier. State-level competitions were being held in different States of India during early part of the nineteenth century.

The Transogram Company made a version of Haskell’s game board in the s and called it Skooker. The dimensions of the queen must be the same as those of other carrom men.

Fine-grained powder is used on the board to enable the pieces to slide easily. The powder is made from pure, food-grade vegetable starch. Posted by Vidula at This results in a “due”. ICF acts as the governing body of carrom. In the UK, many players use a version of anti-set-off spray powder from the printing industry [ citation needed ] which has specific electrostatic properties with particles of 50 micrometres in diameter.