The Rules of Play. The current version in play is Newest Version of the rules goes active Amtgard wide January 1st, Rulebook. Amtgard V8 Rules Documents. V8 Rule Books and Change Logs. Current Rules: V8 Current. Early Playtest Editions: V8 Rules ยท V8 to Change Log. please consider the following when reading through this rulebook, and when applying the rules on the feld: 1. Amtgard requires cooperation, honor, and fair play.

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By achieving 10 ranks of most awards one might also attain the Masterhood for that award.

Warlord Sports – Amtgard V8 Rules Documents

What remains to us from history includes the basic tenets of our game today. In contrast to the 8 “Melee” classes, Magic Casters receive spell points at each level. As an example, someone who is very generous and works hard to benefit the province of Amtgard as a whole may gain Orders of the Rose. Players may choose to post due to bad knees, rocky or wet terrain, or simply because they do not wish to kneel. Correction – The first Amtgard rulebook 1. Knighthood in Amtgard is broken into four orders: Battlegames range from one-on-one tournaments to team battles of forty or fifty people to mass warfare with hundreds of players.

Often a Squire will assist in making garb for their Knight, as well as weapons or armor, and is usually seen assisting their Knight in combat, when they are together. An armor destroying attack will remove all armor from a location struck. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Reminder, ALL documents here are free to download for personal use.

Amtgard also utilizes armor for a number of classes. For instance, one player might play an Assassin, and another, a Warrior. Newest Version of the rules goes active Amtgard wide January 1st, Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Amtgard V8 Rules Documents

Magic, another important aspect of Amtgard, is handled primarily either by audible incantations or by thrown “spell balls”, small, safely-padded, brightly colored projectiles.

Non-period, modern-looking materials and shoddy construction can reduce the protection granted by the armor. Current version of the rulebook can be found at http: This article needs additional citations for verification.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One reminder, ALL documents here are free to download for your own use.

If you became prime minister of Burning Lands and you were not yet a knight, you became one when you stepped down. Amtgard has a system of awards and honors based on past contributions and accomplishments. Should a mutual agreement be reached, the member becomes a Squire to the Rulebiok.

Two limb shots to the same arm is also considered a death, while multiple shots to the amtgarv leg have no effect after the first shot. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Unlike many other fantasy roleplaying games, Amtgard has no established “backstory” to its world. This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat Upon the “wounded” player declaring “posting” the leg is once again a valid target.

Children under the age of 14 aren’t allowed on the field, you must have garb, weapons, and a persona. If a Matgard Caster wishes to use weapons save ruleboko or armor, he must purchase them using spell points.

Amtgarders often create their own garb and equipment. The abilities of the classes are generally related to combat.

Rulebook – AmtWiki

Contact is limited between fighters and non-weapon tactics like grappling or shield bashing are strictly prohibited. Both generally place a high value on contributing to the club as a whole, and often have a specific mission statement. Eventually, the group caught wise to La Grue. amtgsrd

Each has different criteria, with some minor variations from Kingdom to Kingdom. Amtgard is a battle gaming and live-action fantasy roleplaying and boffer combat game with chapters primarily based in the United States and Canada as well as Germany, Croatia, and South Korea.


Combat involving armor is simple in Amtgard. The basic combat rules are nearly identical to Dagorhir with a “limb loss” system based on hit location, in contrast to games such as NERO that are hit-point based. A blow to the arm or leg disables the limb and a blow to the torso kills the player’s character.

Elements from steampunk and post apocalyptic fiction are not unheard of, and the only real rule governing a characters back story is that they be compatible with a swords and sorcery setting. The setting encourages and incorporates elements of historical Europe and Asia as well as the high and low fantasy genres.

After attaining 10 Orders of the Rose, one is eligible to be given the title Master of the Rose. An exception to this rule occurs when a player chooses to “post” instead of kneeling, which is the normal requirement upon being struck in the leg. Amtgard has given birth to a few splinter groups, notably the High Fantasy Society.

Offered for free, both the corpora and the rulebook are here. Skip to secondary content. Sword, Serpent, Crown, and Flame. Rules of Play v8. The most sought after title in Amtgard is that of Knight. The personal sale of any of these documents Offical Amtgardregardless of profit or cost, is strictly prohibited and violates copyright laws.

In most kingdoms, when a player becomes qualified for knighthood the knights in that kingdom vote to decide if the player is ready to join the peerage.