While in a very silly mood nearly a decade ago, myself and a friend bought Katherine by Anya Seton for 75p from a market stall because we. I first read Katherine by Anya Seton when I was 13 – and it still works its magic on me. What about Katherine by Anya Seton, which is based on the life of Katherine Swynford? This is one of my all-time favourite historical novels; it’s absolutely.

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Katherine by Anya Seton

Not being a girl, I had a few problems with it. Leading Alex Ferguson with Michael Moritz. Another issue obscured by the anticipation felt by lubricious readers of an earlier time is the book’s clunky prose.

It has also made me seriously katherinr not taking Euro History. There was a lot going on. It’s based on the true story of the 14th-century love affair between Katherine de Roet and John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster. No Solid, engaging historical fiction about the mistress of John of Gaunt who was the ancestress of the Tudors. They have pubs named after him, one of which I was asked to leave when myself and a friend got asked by a man about Christianity the only time I can think of when I have felt Persecuted for my Faith.

I did the math.

Katherine by Anya Seton (1954, Hardcover)

A Novel by John GrishamHardcover It is effectively the history of England, seen through the eyes of each generation of the owners of a medieval house, from through to the s. The Cyber Effect Mary Aiken.

Martin Paperback, I’ve read this account isn’t historically accurate how could it be when so many records were destroyed by the fire at the Savoy and so many other events in these tumultuous times but in any case I was happy to make allowances for crackling dialogue, a novel that doesn’t shy away from showing the importance of religion in medieval life and a great and passionate love story – a really racy one considering this was written in ! She is a slave to the facts, reporting in minute detail the manueverings of various Western European nobles and the birth of every new royal descendant.


And also, you just knoweven before she admitted to it, that had Blanche not view spoiler [gone missing hide spoiler ]Katherine would have carried on view spoiler [her relationship with John and not done penance at all. She died in There was a plague going on.

Here’s setob of the problems: This is La Seton describing Katherine, in her youthful innocence, meeting her future baby-daddy’s first wife: I realized that it is the same of that from “A Knight’s Tale,” and reading about Chaucer and other historical figures made this book all the better.

Probably Seton’s best book. The Anya Seton books were such a find for me as we moved from one Navy base to another in the late 50’s and early sixties and I searched the base kkatherine for ‘readable’ history.

And yes, my first question was — WHY has no one ever made a film about their story???? So would this be alright for a teen to read? I ended up totally loving Katherine. His marriages were strategic alliances — but the great love of his life was Katherine, the humble, orphan daughter of one h This book is both a spiritual coming of age tale and a hauntingly-beautiful love story.

Like the picture of Margaret Beaufort — now she was quite something — Katherine’s great grand daughter — and Elizabeth’s great grandmother.


I agree…John you are still greatly missed!! Okay, third time is the charm. A great work of literature, well worth the effort She was always an obsession with me, so I bought it myself in See details for description of any imperfections. End of Watch Stephen King. It caused me to take a trip to England in to find Kettlethorpe, where this wonderful woman lived.

I love this time period. I thought I was the only person “disappointed” in Anya Seton’s book on Katherine, for me it didn’t quite hit the mark and the comments you made about it made me realise why.

Katherine (Seton novel) – Wikipedia

If you do happen to pick it up, it starts off a little slow, but I strongly urge you to keep with it. If and when I see an error of fact, I just have to correct it. This is In keeping with my Barnes and Noble binge, I also bought this wonderful book. Published inthe book has been beloved by innumerable readers over the years.

Review: Katherine, Anya Seton vs. Katherine Swynford, Alison Weir

Is her memory so short? Black Box Thinking Matthew Syed. Philip Davis on George Eliot Books. Rich with period detail. Interview by Sophie Roell.

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Have you come to ravish me? There is a Katherine Swynford Day held in Lincoln every year.