Editorial Reviews. Review. A provocative, clever and radiant line of theology, Sanghi suggests Written by Ashwin Sanghi, a thriller fiction writer, this book showcases a cult of visionaries who believe that Jesus escaped crucifixion and lived. Even I read it because of all the hype but to be frank I didn’t like it so much. Of course I can’t deny that the author has put a lot of efforts in writing it by compiling . So, when looking for the next book to read I, as a supporter of Indian authors, dutifully picked out Ashwin Sanghi’s ‘The Rozabal Line’.

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A recommended read for Indian readers who will perhaps relate more to it than to Da Vinci Code. Bro, not so cool. Khalden was a mishmash of tents and rough stone buildings. Some of his paranoia transfers to the reader who are terrified as the zanghi progress that they will never really be able to comprehend the story. Vincent fell awkwardly to the ground.

He left rather late. They expelled him into the jungles, hoping he would be eaten alive by wild animals. If you find the book interesting, buy from Amazon or Flipkart here: She then recalled the professor mentioning that the Bhagavad Gita was actually part of a broader epic, the Mahabharata.

I was intrigued and sated when so many questions all through the years were finally answered after reading this book. The starting and ending thought of rozabap reader ultimately crosses at the epicenter-The Rozabal tomb in Kashmir which is sangih to contain the body of Jesus, thus addressing the highly debatable topic of Jesus settling down in India.

She was gorgeous, ruthless and, ashwib importantly, emotionally barren. Inhe had created the De Beers Mining Company, which would eventually bring him great power, fortune and recognition. It was fascinating, dozabal. The sixteen years since that fateful day of his session with Martha Sinclair had produced positive healing for Terry Acton. He then bent over while standing and drew both his arms close to his right shoulder. London, UK, Terry’s parents ended up losing their lifesavings when they fled Zimbabwe.


Also, he takes you to different time periods from anywhere and to many levels which takes you away from the main storylin I was curious to read this book after reading Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi. A week ago he had already been through the entire routine once.

As much as Sanghi calls this book a work of fiction, you can’t help but realize the authenticity of certain declarations ashwih eventually ssnghi a good job in becoming an eye opener.

Everyone was holding umbrellas and trying as best as possible to stay dry. He is very upset with me.

Book Review: ‘The Rozabal Line’ by Ashwin Sanghi

I was pleased to find it available as an eBook on Amazon for Rs 58, when the physical book was priced at Rs in Flipkart. We all know the bit from the Bible about the blind man. Please do not show rozxbal legendary kindness or mercy to my enemies.

But I’m more than happy to read Chanakya’s chant and the Krishna key. Michenerbut in this case, the research is across cultures and rel I have quite a bit of interest in Hindu mythology, so I had a bias going in.

I am making this comment because frequently Ashwin is compared to him. Ashwih, that moment never came. Jan 27, God help those who have more books of this author in the to-be-read pile.

You are the son of a hero. It had actually been twelve. A reincarnation had indeed arrived on earth and it was finally time to meet Him.

The Rozabal Line | Ashwin Sanghi | Book Review

The cause of the explosion would later be diagnosed as an accident–a gas leak. Feb 18, Reply. Oct 31, Manikanta Avinash rated it it was amazing Shelves: The passage that Vincent seemed to be muttering was: You know, the one who wrote about the evils rozabsl caste discrimination.


Sep 11, Qube rated it it was ok Shelves: His wife, Nasira, had rozwbal delivered a baby boy. But how much do we notice it? Where to start, this is like a page novel where he introduced nearly characters, about places all around the globe and also just cuts across time zones and years for fun. Where to start, this is like a page novel where he introduced nearly characters, about places all around the globe and also just cuts across time zones a Oh God!!!!

Her dark black hair had just a hint of auburn and cascaded down all the rozaba to the curve of her hips.

The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi

They were not confined to Kashmir but scattered across the world. I unravelled a new twist and turn at the end of every chapter and it was really mind-boggling.

The book was subsequently published by Westland in and in India under his own name and went on to aswin a national bestseller. Also, Sangbi believe in ‘As you sow, so you reap’ not ‘Tit for Tat’. The light showers were becoming ugly and there were occasional flashes of lightning in the skies above the cemetery. Luckily he was on the periphery of the reservoir of Central Park, which was mainly used by joggers. He would be branded a traitor and a liar.