Kingmaker is a classic table-top board game that was sold in the late 70’s and 80’s by Avalon Hill. English Civil War, (Wars of the Roses), 14th century, House of . Kingmaker is a board game created by Andrew McNeil. It was first produced in the UK by PhilMar Ltd. in The second edition was produced by Avalon Hill in the United States in This version was somewhat different from the original, as it refined the rules. Alternate rules and suggestions for improving Avalon Hill’s classic board game. Additions include new combat rules and movement and seafaring changes.

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The role of kinggmaker royal heirs in the game, as mere pawns in the Machiavellian plots of the noble families, reflects the roles of some but not all of the real heirs.

Stanley, although with 50 troops, should also be avqlon off this list because he is untitled and begins on an island. Most of the named places on the map have fortifications with significant additional defensive combat strength, but using these can get the player’s nobles besieged, with potential loss of all defenders.

When nobles die, they eventually re-enter the game when a new head of a noble family assumes their place. If the result is “Bad Weather,” then the attack fails as usual.

Kingmaker, a table-top board game by Avalon Hill

This optional rule is mentioned in the rulebook. Besides untrustworthy rival players, the random events deck will often disrupt a player’s long-term plans.


It sounds really funny and unique for its time. Rule clarifications Rule clarifications: If a result within the given range is rolled, that noble is captured.

Kingmaker Alternate Rules

Players may not look for or root around for their card, they must pick one at the ready. The game is fun because it’s a multi-player political wargame that is largely abstract, thus lacking a lot of the fussy detail required of a true historical simulation. Although the Avalon Hill printing of this game puts a limit avalno the number of players that may take part, no such limit was mentioned in the original Ariel UK printing and the game can accommodate more than the avaloon maximum.

King These alternate king rules are not exactly historical. A majority vote is required in both Houses to assign any title or office.

Must discard one attendant card to Crown or Chancery deck depending on the type of card. Mercenaries, ships and cities may be transferred between any nobles at any time. Those who control the senior members of the York and Lancaster families or the crowned King or Queen Regent gain significant additional voting power as well.

Kingmaker by Avalon Hill: House Rules for 4-hour Game by Corbin Covault

This action must be taken immediately. Titles, offices, bishops may only be transferred at Parliament.

oingmaker Too many new cards upsets the balance of “Bad Weather” cards and the deaths of nobles. Alliances The new combat rules emphasize combat enough so that alliances may be forbidden from the game. Roberts Award Winners “. This way, he can pop up with any faction.


Players also receive resource cards each turn, which add to the player’s faction. Wakukee Apr 4, Kingmaker is a computer version of the game, produced by Avalon Hill inwhich reproduces rrules look and play of the board kingmaer almost exactly, allowing the player to compete with up to five computer controlled factions. Breaking the siege Defenders may sally forth in an attempt to break the siege.

Players may race to crown any Yorkist king. In this system, you roll for each noble. There can be some difficulty with some hil the names of places and families, where non-British players especially may be unsure of the pronunciation. The player with Mowbray xvalon second to last. In Parliament, in the Avalon Hill version, each noble uses their acquired voting strength in the House of Lords and the House of Commons to decide how to assign the spoils.

Cover of the original British version of Kingmaker. This isn’t reincarnation, it’s his son or brother or cousin or whoever. However, reflecting the common view of that time, where few really cared which royal house had the more “rightful” claim, there was as much fighting within the houses as between them.

Players can trade many types of cards, and agree on future spoils of war or honours awarded.