Universiteto magistrantūros baigiamųjų darbų, daktaro disertacijų ir jų santraukų elektroniniai dokumentai / University master’s theses, doctoral dissertations and. daktaro disertacijos ir jų santraukos, magistro darbai, studijų baigiamieji darbai ;; mokslinių konferencijų, seminarų ar kitų renginių publikuoti pranešimai ir kt. Lietuva Trumpas aprašymas: Konteinerinių atliekų tvarkymo aikštelių įrengimo baigiamieji darbai: Publikavimo data:

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Baigimieji in or create a new user account by inserting a unique email address and password and enter personal details. Sportas,2 52 Ugdymas. In collaboration with our senior devs, we expect you to become an integral part of our Team.

Naujienos – eLABa

In the text of the article all numbers up to ten are to be written in words and all numbers starting from eleven on — in Arabic figures. Sportas,2 Sportas,2 baigizmieji Ugdymas. Your personal data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy www. The results of all measurements and symbols for all physical units should be those of the System International SI Units. References should be given for all non-standard methods used.

Psichologijos institutas

The location of the figure should be indicated the text, e. If the methods of the research used are not well known and widely recognized the reasons for the choice of a particular method should be stated. Appropriate statistical analysis baigiamiwji be performed based upon the experimental design carried out.


The author reviewer has the option of the blind review. It must be structured into the following sections: Only successful candidates will be notified.

darbas power point skelbimai –

Line numbering should be switched on. Check submission details and send. This letter is sent along with the article review. Sportas,3 Dabai online submission, articles should be prepared using a word processor program e.

We will come back to you as soon as we can, if your super power s match the position you applied for. By submitting your CV and other information you agree that your personal data will be processed by UAB Tesonet and its related companies for the purposes of recruitment. Sportas,3 53 Ugdymas. The findings of the study should be presented concisely, consistently and logically, not repeating the chosen methods. At the beginning of the discussion section the authors should provide major original research statements that are supported by the data.

For works up to seven authors, list all authors. Sportas,3 78 Ugdymas. Stojantiesiems Studentams Bendruomenei Paslaugos Karjera.


Balgiamieji should emphasize the original and important features of the study and avoid repeating all the data presented within the Results section. The manuscript with an accompanying covering letter proving that the article submitted is original and not previously published should be submitted via online Manuscript Submission System following the link: The research participants, methods, apparatus and procedures should be identified in sufficient detail.

Sportas,2 81 Ugdymas.

Žurnalas „Baltic Journal of Sport & Health Sciences“

Transporto baigiamieji bqigiamieji referatai praktika Savarankiski darbai, referatai, praktikos ataskaitos, kursiniai, baigiamieji darbai. Sportas,4 75 Ugdymas. Manuscripts must be typed in 1.

Enter covering letter to the Editor and response to reviewers if resubmitting. Chapter in a book: All abbreviations should be explained in parentheses what they stand for on their first occurrence in the text.

It is advisable to indicate the further perspectives of the research. Seriously – the best! The statistical significance and statistical power of the finding should be denoted. Sportas,4 79 Ugdymas. An investigation Brown, found ….