18 ನವಂ Some of the vachanas of BASAVANNA are quoted here in translation from Kannada into English: Source Book: ‘THE SIGN -Vachanas of 12th. Basavanna is one of Karnataka’s earliest social reformers – and his writings are known as vachanas (sayings). There is a very strong likelyhood that the later. Basava (ಬಸವ), born in 12th century Karnataka, was the progenitor of the I am not really translating the Vachanas from Kannada to Hindi.

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Most of my pre-translation commentary that does not come straight from Wikipedia comes from this book.

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I am not really translating the Vachanas from Kannada to Hindi. This has showed up even prior to Purandara dAsa. If you kannda to know a link, please vchanas it on! Vaachanas has seen Krishna playing his flute. Notify me of new comments via email.

I think, therefore I am confused: Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sripati, a Virasaiva scholar, explained Basava’s philosophy in Srikara Bhasyausing the Vedanta Sutrasuggesting Basava’s Lingayat theology to be a form of qualified nondualism, wherein the individual Atman soul is the body of God, and that there is no difference between Shiva and Atman self, soulShiva is one’s Atman, one’s Atman is Shiva.


By the way good one.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Basava. Archived from the original on 27 May I am translating the English version of the Vachacnas, translated from Kannada by A. I chose from the rest those that I found most vacyanas and moving, a very subjective decision indeed. Much critical labor needs to be spent in determining the authenticity of portions of these collections”. The set of 32 rAgas was not a static list, and over the centuries, new rAgas gained popularity, and some went outdated.

The second vachana talks about the likes and dislikes of his lord Kamnada Some were too radical.

Other hagiographic works include the 15th-century Mala Basava-raja-charitre and the 17th-century Vrishabhendra Vijayaboth in Kannada. Composers who came in the 18thth centuries explored all facets of this rAga, and today it kanhada became one of the major rAgas of Karnataka Sangeetha.

Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome.

Vachanas of Basavanna | ಬಿ ಎ ವಿವೇಕ ರೈ

Many contemporary Vachanakaras people who have scripted Vachanas have described him as Swayankrita Sahajawhich means “self-made”. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. The Basava Purana, in Chapter 1, presents a series of impassioned debates between Basava and his father.

The Basava Puranaa Telugu biographical epic poem, first written by Palkuriki Somanatha in 13th-century, [16] and an updated 14th century Kannada version, written by Bhima Kavi inare sacred texts in Lingayatism.


Lingayatism Virashaivism [2] [3]. I could not find a link for the audio or video. Views Read Edit View history.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This makes them seem refreshingly modernist in nature. If possible, please point out exactly which verses are incorrect.

Vachanas of Basavanna

gasavanna Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Half the joy of translation is to have touched something so beautiful, even if only superficially. Basava advocated that every human being was equal, irrespective of caste, and that all forms of manual labor was equally important. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

But Purandara must have see other flautists around his time AD — AD producing such sounds on their flutes, and this of course, he has attributed to Krishna. According to Velcheru Rao and Basavaanna Roghair, [26] Basava calls the path of devotion as “beyond six systems of philosophy.