Ensayos Impopulares by Bertrand Rusell; Bertrand Russell at – ISBN – ISBN – Edhasa – – Softcover. Ensayos Impopulares: Bertrand Rusell, Bertrand Russell: Books – “Ensayos impopulares”. Bertrand Russell. 5 likes. Book.

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Jan 23, Maru Kun rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 30 comments. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The spectacle of the writhing torments of the victims was, in fact, one of the principal pleasures to which the populace looked forward to enliven a somewhat drab existence. Laser-guided thinking, and whilst it shows its age in a few places, still makes you lament at the state of modern life, thinking and politics.

Russell writes entertainingly on a variety of political and religious topics – most of the points that he presses about the need to eliminate social and religious bigotry, national aggression and so on are hardly radical and he repeats himself quite a bit from one essay to the next. I appreciate the idea he has, and maybe he is on to something. At least keep in mind that he had just witnessed two world wars and expected the third one to be fought with nuclear weapons.

To be fair whenever I see a picture of that fat fuck Rush Limbaugh or the used car salesman smile of Joel Olsteen I think similar things, just looking at this how could you trust anything these people say. I think he overstates the case that empiricism leads to democracy. The system must be built bwrtrand as a grand alliance and if there’s any state that wants to retain its sovereignty but stands no chance against the alliance, then it honestly ought to be invaded for the good of mankind.

However, what he didn’t see that this unification would be delivered by global capitalism instead I stumbled on and read a 66 year-old Finnish translation by Kyllikki Sutinen of the book and reading it in the old fashioned Finnish language gave the reading experience an authentic feeling. Easily the best book on philosophy I’ve read. This is understandable mistake when considering the time period when the essays were written.


This isn’t from the book, but from Evangelical literature, they hate the idea of esayos one-world government except for the one that JC brings after the war to end all warsI mean irrationally fear it, as if it is something that is knocking at our door, and that is coming and will take away their guns and make them wear barcodes on their neck. To ask other readers questions about Unpopular Essaysplease sign up. This would make the spectators so furious that the authorities had great ensayow in preventing them from lynching the penitent and burning him on their own account.

That is all by way of explaining that I picked this up for “light” reading on a late-night subway trip, a claim which might otherwise seem preposterous.

Because of their age, they are dated, but unfortunately humanity often repeats its Sometimes its difficult but necessary to buck the general consensus and the popular viewpoint.

I would hope have given ensxyos another star if he’d left out his ridiculous political musings on a world government, though I suppose he did warn the reader with the title.

Unpopular Essays

There’s a lot of snark, but it only makes the book that much more enjoyable, even if you disagree with a lot of Russel’s views as I do. Unpopular Essays is a collection of some of Russell’s unpopular viewpoints. In a piece called “An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish”, he satirizes pedlars of esoteric knowledge – “it is a singular fact that the Great Pyramid always predicts the history of ensayls world accurately up to the date of the book in question, but after that date it becomes less reliable.

Some of these essays were assigned in my European History in college. This book has plenty to offer relating to pursuits of objectivity, constructing a more fulfilling society, and being both imoppulares but sensible rather than angry and nonsensical.

The man is just a deluded asshole, and his essence is probably just seeping out of his pores or something.

Old school social critic. On the heels of the Francis Wheem Marx biography, I was quite pleased to immediately come upon this passage, “Hegel’s philosophy was so odd that one would not have expected him to be able to get sane men to accept it, yet he did. In Russell’s defense though the guy is old, and people don’t look their best when they reach 90; in Olsteen’s I’m pretty sure the huckster smile is all part of the slick image he manufactures for his livelihood.


He even includes a self written draft of his own obituary. Oct 09, Troy Wilkinson rated it it was amazing. I hope he doesn’t miss his copies of these, but since he doesn’t trust computers, he’ll never know I have it. Although I am willing to bet Russell would have been a demon on Twitter as well, in the first part of this century his thoughtful, rationale and profound essays expressing deeply held humanistic beliefs would be about as welcome to our current leaders as an expert at a Tory Party conference or a ladder at the Mexican border.

Bertrand Russell: obras detalladas

Russell’s concern in these essays is how are we going to survive as a planet. He attacks Hegel for this in a very humorous manner, but also criticizes his intellectual descendants, the Marxists and their belief in the inevitability of Communism. Nonetheless, I admire his ironclad convictions in the freedom of the individual and the freedom of thought which everybody pays lip service to, but nobody in practice really does believe in either in the present or back then.

This is kind of like common sense to some, or utter bullshit and the kind of thinking that is wrong with this dirty humanist infected nation of ours to others.

There’s basically no mention of how economic elements influence the form of governments.

This is not beetrand in our Age of Celebrity, an age when the charms of Kim Kardashian and the brains of Kanye West are what most people aspire to. This fact Britain can be proud of, being a country that has produced few public intellectuals in recent history and which looks unlikely to produce another one ever again.

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