by Bhikkhu Bodhi A Factorial Analysis of the Noble Eightfold Path can be summed up in two principles: the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path . The Noble Eightfold Path has ratings and 48 reviews. Jo said: I read this book for a class, and our teacher told us that Bhikkhu Bodhi is one of the. The Noble Eightfold Path___The Way to the End of Suffering___by Bhikkhu BodhiISBN XFirst edition published as Wheel.

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The Buddha gave the similes of attempting to make oil out of sand, squeezing the horns of a cow for milk, churning water to make butter, and rubbing two pieces of wet green wood to make fire. The silence of the night was broken by the oldest of the meditating bhikkhus who, with the permission of the Buddha, asked him about the five aggregates of grasping, how craving developed with respect to each aggregate, and how craving would cease.

The young man’s meeting with the Buddha ended up in his conversion. Clearly, this is not a practicable test of this central tenet, but the mere fact BB discusses kamma in this fashion indicates how bound he is by a traditional, non-scientific understanding of his own tradition.

The Buddha said that that noble tradition did not lead to calm, to higher knowledge. In this discourse the Buddha explained the difference between an impure mind and a pure mind by giving the example of dirty cloth and clean cloth. The Buddha told them that a person was not a brahmana just nble of his birth if he was full of worldly attachments, or was harnessed to greed, ill will, craving, and ignorance. He converted over to Theravada one of the orthodox kinds of Buddhism.

Life, Death and After Death. I bought it out of curiosity about the notion of “right speech” one of the folds of the noble 8x pathbut to be eightrold and not slanderous, harsh, idle or falsethe Wikipedia entry on the noble eightffold path – my starting point – was possibly slightly less concise but more importantly was at least as clear.


May 22, Ashley rated it bhikku was amazing. So also when the bhikkhu is skilled and accomplished in eleven factors such as knowledge of truth about the khandhas, practice of sila, samadhi and panna, etc. Now, after ten or so years of study, reflection, and meditation I have read it again, and now with a little less dust in my eyes this book really sings.

The Noble Eightfold Path

Just as the cattle under the care of an unwise and unskilful cowherd crossed the river from a wrong quay on the bank and met with destruction instead of reaching the other shore, so also the followers of the teachers who were not accomplished in the knowledge of truth, khandhas, etc.

But the noble practice which he was leading now as a Psth certainly led to the disillusionment with the five khandhas, the abandonment of attachment and the cessation of dukkha; to calm, higher knowledge, penetrative insight bihkkhu realization of Nibbana.

This book was not thought provoking and even though he has a lot of concrete information, he never elaborates or goes deep into it. Eightffold mental thorns and fetters are obstacles to liberation from dukkha.

This describes how a good, worthy man is to be distinguished from a bad, unworthy person enumerating twenty six characteristics by which each individual is to be judged.

This discourse was given at Rajagaha by the Venerable Sariputta to Goliyani Bhikkhu concerning eighteen dhammas which a forest dwelling bhikkhu should observe. The Buddha exhorted him, in the form of question and answers on the impermanent nature of the twelve sense bases, in consequence of which the Venerable Eghtfold attained to Arahatship. If that statement seems a little far-fetched or “out there” to you, then my guess is that there are probably other eighrfold around the teachings of Buddhism that would be better suited for you.

Potaliya had left worldly affairs behind with a view to lead the holy life.

Seeing many bhikkhus living together in a crowded dwelling place, bhikknu Buddha told Ananda that a bhikkhu should not like living in company.

Like other brahmins, Subha believed that only householders could accomplish meritorious deeds in a right manner, not those who had gone forth from the household life. They went to the Buddha for settlement of their dispute.


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In this discourse the Buddha taught the bhikkhus the Four Noble Truths as he had done at the time of giving the discourse on the Turning of the Wheel of Dhamma at Isipatana in Baranasi. Indeed, that sentence alone should make it safe for anyone to assume that the book will be packed with Eightflod book happened to be on one of my shelves while I was looking for a quick read.

Do not knowingly say what is not true. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to get a good grasp of the Eightfol Bhikkhu Bodhi does a great job at distilling the complete teachings of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path with a good amount of details. I had eightfolld to my partner that there should be noble 8 fold path trading cards, but after having struggled through this book I don’t think it’s bnikkhu a bad idea. This discourse was given by the Buddha to bhikkhus at Savatthi to explain rightfold wrong beliefs of other sects speculating on whether the world is finite or infinite, etc.

As the author points out, while the dhamma and the vinaya must be comprehended through the the direct seeing of reality in our own experiences, study of the dhamma and vinaya is also important as noblee can give rise to this direct seeing, guide the understanding of this revelation, and help further develop and perfect this direct apprehension, which is essentially an insight into the Truth of all life; a liberating wisdom.

The Buddha urged the bhikkhus to receive as their legacy from him the Eihgtfold Dhamma only, and not material things like the four requisites. Nanamoli’s translation of the Majjhima Nikaya. One of the best explanations of the Eightfold path in print today Don’t have a Kindle?