Een kleine geschiedenis van bijna alles by Bill Bryson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Readers’ questions about Een kleine geschiedenis van bijna alles. 11 questions answered. About Een kleine geschiedenis van bijna alles. by Bill Bryson. Een kleine geschiedenis van bijna alles by Bill Bryson Bill Bryson remarked that Midgley possessed “an instinct for the regrettable that was almost uncanny”.

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Mar 08, These life-stories were all in the book, but not literally, because I read the Dutch version brson googled for more details. Nonfiction has always been hard for me and is generally a genre I stay away from. I really enjoyed it.

Een kleine geschiedenis van bijna alles

Sapiens is a history of humans with some philosophy thrown in; A Short History of Nearly Everything is a historical …more They are completely different. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The last few articles, “chapters” or topics about animal extinction, overpopulation, global warming and pollution were a bit of a downer; especially for my little artist who took the death and loss of animals and the effect of pollution on “their world” pretty hard.

We read about two or three of the short articles regarding some unique aspect of the history and development of our civilization, planet, solar system, galaxy and universe. Even if you dip in to read a couple of pages it will be worth it.

I think it’d be a really great addition to a primary school science curriculum, especially if an adult was reading it aloud and making comments. Most of what I learned in high school, I’d forgotten. The book was also not what I expected. Yet Bryson seems to write for a somewhat younger audience. Dec 31, Rupa rated it really liked it. His body was never found.


In the article concerning global warming, Bryson paints a picture that we really don’t know if the Earth is warming up and if so, what is causing it. Mantell became financially destitute and his wife left him in View all 3 comments.

Bryson’s sense of humor is charming as always. Olympus November 29, Publication Date: I must confess here too that just reading to my children for 30 minutes a night is, perhaps, some of the best 30 minutes of my entire day. In February his home in Berlin was completely destroyed by an air raid, annihilating all his scientific records and correspondence. Dec 30, Joseph Delcourt rated it it was ok.

Een kleine geschiedenis van bijna alles — Reader Q&A

Both are very good reads. I tend to believe in a young earth but am considering geshiedenis this book anyways. But no prob, thought I, isn’t that what books are for?

The illustrations in the book were gorgeous though and I found most of the time when I was getting annoyed with the info dump I was receiving the images on the page could help to make up alpes it. This would not be a problem for many children who would be likely to get their hands and heads around this book, but why pass up the opportunity for fundamental comprehension of scientific facts by withholding this information from a possibly curious yet under-resourced individual?

Mar 10, Who knew that the moon was probably broken off from the Earth?

I think that Bill Bryson has written a book that will draw kids into the fascinating world of science effortlessly. He died that afternoon. And he very clearly remembers thinking: Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.


Amongst the passages, illustrations, diagrams and timelines are scattered around, highlighting particularly important or complicated ideas. Wegener died and Villumsen was never seen again. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Started reading this one with “the lads” after finishing “The Littlest Prince” in late August of last year. I’m not a scientist, so when I started reading this book, I expected that I would skip some parts.

Time periods covering bijjna of years and the size of a bacteria are difficult concepts for grown-ups too. He saw exhaust bbijna out of a vehicle this morning on the way to the bus stop and instantly understood what air pollution was and its harmful effect on our environment and, more important, on “the gesschiedenis environment, too” because,”what the heck,” he reasoned, “they [the animals] have a right to a healthy environment, sen On one occasion my six year old interrupted to put forward his idea of moving continents “like a jigsaw” a whole two pages before plate tectonics were described!

I’m happy his vocabulary is increasing and with good words too. A short history of nearly everything This is a remarkable accomplishment.

It turn Couple of years ago I realized Bjjna know hardly anything about sciences, natural history and the like.

How does this compare to Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens? Want to Read saving…. Dec 12,