In , Mullins authored the tract The Biological Jew, which he claimed was an objective analysis of the forces behind the. The Biological Jew has 14 ratings and 3 reviews. Bettie☯ said: Fraudiotbr bustingessaysummer room I have two Eustace Mullins titles to read. In , Mullins authored the tract, The Biological Jew, an objective analysis of the forces behind the decline of Western Culture. He demonstrates that the main .

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This strange al- liance achieved its first great political victory in with the election of Woodrow Wilson, a misguided idealist who hailed the Russian Communist Revolution of as a “victory for democracy over the forces of despotism”.

Late that night, he was awakened by an unwelcome presence. So deeply rooted are these tentacles that the dislodgement is not only difficult, it is such a demanding and painful operation that the dislodgement itself may be fatal to the host. Nook0 pages.

They are totally unable to recognize their danger, or the insidious nature of the parasitic attack. Now I began to know the joy of the creative life, my life in art, the life of the mind and the God-given talents to which all of us are born and of which we are robbed by the Jews and the shabez goi.

The Biological Jew by Eustace Mullins

This class is known as the shabez goi The Cuckservative. Andrea Baillie February 23, In this Dreyfus case, the Jews have won every round, while the gentile who exposed him, Otto Otepka, is still being per- secuted by “our” government. All of this was inevitable. As usual, the Jew has it both ways, protecting his flanks by destroying all references to his ac- tivities, and financing this task with the gentile’s money. We also have the phenomenon of symbiosis, a biological term meaning “living together”.

The first time I met the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Eustace Mullins was at a conference I was covering of Holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis and paranoiacs The remarkable cunning with which some kinds of bloodsucking bats stalk their victims and steal their blood must also be reckoned among the modifications which their temporarily parasitic habits have produced.

Eystace often, the parasite causes the host to lose its bilogical of direction, so that it becomes helpless and is unable to defend itself against its exterior enemies. The host finds that its mortgages are held by Jewish bank- ers, its children are being taught by Jewish teachers, its gov- ernment is being administered by Jewish “advisers” or “con- sultants”, who, even if they hold no elective or appointive of- fice, still make the important decisions.


Whether the parasite con- sciously intends it or not, it gradually becomes the most im- portant single influence in the life of the host.

Because of their parasitic mode of existence, the Jews have left no artifacts which could be discovered among the ruins of ancient civilization, even though they are known to have been present for long periods of time during these civilizations.

The American of North European descent, although realizing that he possessed superior skills, bore no ill-will towards the darker citizens.

Mullins was a student of the poet and political activist Ezra Pound. Throughout history, he has always been smaller and weaker than his gentile host, yet he has often managed to subdue him. It is the dominant financial power of the country which harbors it.

Are the Jews a Race? As the Jews began to assume a more prominent role in the life of the gentile host, they found that newspapers were an essential vehicle for their goals.

Eustace Mullins – The Biological Jew.pdf

Other Jews, of great mulliins aspirations, have become writers, transforming the literature into dreary recitals of sexual acts, and making it impossible to publish or broadcast anything which fails to conform to their standards of depravity. Holocaust trivialization criticism Armenian genocide Serbian genocide Holodomor Rwandan genocide Cambodian genocide Srebrenica massacre Nanjing massacre.

Biolkgical marked it as to-read Nov 23, And if physical slavery is a crime, how much greater a crime is mental slavery, the taking over the mind of a free-born human being! He is only the person in charge of our national secur- ity!

The Biological Jew

Minamanjari marked it as to-read Apr 19, Inmulluns victorious United States reaffirmed its role as the protector of the colored world. A key tenet of the Jewish religion is that biolpgical must not perform the slightest task on his Sabbath. The ritual murder of gentile children by bleeding them to death and drinking their blood is the highest symbolic revelation of the theory of the biological parasite.

First, they are pre- vented from engaging in any gainful employment. The small David is shown defeating the larger Goliath, the wustace Mordecai is shown defeating the stronger gentile official, Haman.


Mullins was a frequent speaker for the National Renaissance Party. The na- tion gained in euatace and power by entering the First World War. He demonstrates that the main influence that people were overlooking in their analysis of world affairs was “parasitism”. But America is a creation of God, and as such, it cannot be abandoned to the Jewish parasites, the suffering of the gentile host must be relieved. He became a physician, a teacher, an acolyte in any kind of religious group.

Major General Leslie Groves was asked to head the project, but when he found that most of the scientists were Jewish, he asked to be excused, biolohical that he believed that a Jewish director would be more efficient in this atmosphere.

This page was last jullins on 27 Decemberat It was cast in the accepted pseudo-sociological jargon which university nitwits employ to bemuse their students and each other. A Jew practices medicine in one city, and, leaving be- hind a trail of corpses, turns up in another town as a sooth- sayer.

All Socialist thinkers, and the various schools of sociological thought which have crept out of this development, place primary importance upon man’s environment, rather than upon his powers to use that environ- ment and to create a life for himself, as he achieves his life’s goals.

In this sort of world, manliness, strength and honor are despised. Help us gain new members by following us on Twitter and liking our page on Facebook! Treason, fraud, perversion, all the hallmarks of Jewish life among the gentiles in the Diaspora. When Toynbee says that a civilization failed to respond to a challenge, he asks us to believe that a man who is standing on a street corner, and who is knocked down from behind by a runaway truck, has failed to respond to a challenge.

Jan 10, Tomonaut added it Shelves: The Jew lives in constant fear of rejection, of being thrown off of the host, which would mean his starvation and death.

One of them was Dr. But, in every case, the supposed parasites were performing certain duties and fulfilling certain responsibilities in the so- ciety.