The Blue Cliff Record is a translation of the Pi Yen Lu, a collection of one hundred famous Zen koans accompanied by commentaries and verses from the . Besides thinking about this koan each day, I used the following koan Secrets of the Blue Cliff Record: Zen Comments by Hakuin and Tenkei. The Blue Cliff Record is the “model koan text” for Zen Buddhists, according to the back of the book in front of me. Shunryu Suzuki uses some of.

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Kenny Whetstone rated it it was amazing Jan 12, East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Would rather the abuse, apparently. The study of the koan literature has been interesting, enjoyable, and beneficial for me. You might have led an ordinary life out in the boundless ocean.

Too often Zen is thought klans as a kind of peaceful mindless blankness that serves as a universal approach to activities ranging from archery to shitting, but this collection lays bare its intense intellectual vibrancy. Why should they be separation and constitute two worlds? Mountains, rivers, and your own self are all just the same. One of the Treasures of Chan Buddhism wonderfully translated by the Cleary brothers.

Comments by Tenkei on Case Setcho suddenly picked up his staff.

This influential “Dragon” rains down nourishment to those below: Yes, it is a game, a fiction, all located in words spoken and fading like this winter of Every Zen Master favoring koan study says you should be going seated meditation Silent Illumination on a daily basis, reflecting on the koan on a daily basis Koan Gazingand having a qualified Zen master work privately Dokusan with you on a regular basis to test your understanding of the koan.


Last of the imported Japanese born Master’s to be imported to America, to bring the Dharma to students, and teach them, it is our time to make Zazen American, or allow such to prosper with the American life and social customs.

The Blue Cliff Record

Oral tradition holds that Dahui noticed students engaged in too much intellectual discourse on koans, and then burned the wooden blocks used to print the Blue Cliff Record to rdcord disciples from delusion”. This book on Koan, along with “The Book of Serenity”, is a fundamental necessity for anyone involved in the rigors of Rinzai Zen training.

This blie something of a barrier to translation, but can be understood with time. But allow me to elaborate.

The willow dark, the flower bright — ten thousand houses. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. A textbook of koans, and koan pillar in Zen Buddhism.

Dragons and sticks and mountains Where are the mountains, the rivers, and the great world? Not an easy book to read, but certainly on to reflect on in one’s contemplative meditative? Bluf open to clever, bizarre, outlandish, creative ideas and expressions of understanding. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Setcho, being the reviver of the Ummon school of Zen, has thoroughly absorbed the lessons of his spiritual ancestor.

Koans are to be taken alongside meditation practice and instruction, and can on occasion offer direct insight. Introduction, recommended reading, pages.

Hekiganroku – The Blue Cliff Record – The Zen Universe

Good translation of this classic collection of Zen koans. Taking a long view of time, it is true that trees slowly drink up ckiff. See all 26 reviews. I expect to read this over and over again for the rest of my life.


Things and beings are one level “real” and at another level “unreal. This is one of those books that are extremely difficult for me to rate. Recors will see the mountains; and seeing brings some understanding.

The mountains and rivers and staff are found in the the belly of the Dragon. I am not currently studying and working directly with a Zen Master, nor have I ever done so. In this recod Ummon pressed people to try to say.

Koan study or Hua Tuo practice are a proven method of raising one’s awareness and focus on Buddhist concepts, theory, and achieving a direct personal experience of a profound and illuminating nature.

Please try again later. Inexhaustible heaven and earth — the light beyond light.

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Leap beyond what seems normal and reasonable. Take a long walk, cane in hand, and let the shadow of the Dragon lead the way. Translated by Thomas Cleary and J.

Apart bluf Shaw version, there is one translation made by Thomas Cleary and another one by Zen teacher Katsuki Sekida, though translations of some of the cases have appeared in various English works on Zen.

People use a variety of methods and practices to stimulate and reinforce spiritual experiences: Joshua rated it it was amazing Jun 13, A nice addition is the inclusion of biographical information about the Chinese masters.