If there ever was a hopeless case, it was that of Gottliebin Dittus, whose story this book tells. Because of a youthful involvement with magic, she became. Blumhardt’s Battle- Pt 1. Introduction The following is an edited version of Blumhardt’s Battle, published and copyrighted by Thomas E. Lowe. The Blumhardts became popular among some European theologians of what I was powerfully impacted by Blumhardt’s Battle in the s.

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She was loved and respected for her Christian understanding. Also a nurse said she had seen several figures at that time. Gottliebin lay on her bed nearly all blumhwrdts, unconscious, but without causing us concern. BI3JYU6 About the Book Less than ten years ago, most Americans felt strongly that demons, devils, witches and spells belonged to a distant, benighted time.

The skin of her head and arms was glowing and trembling but the rest of her appearance indicated suffocation. When I returned late that night, I was told that she was in complete delirium and that now she was to be considered hattle totally insane.

There were 12 pins which were still half in her head and which I pulled out one by one while she showed her pains by jerking each time. I denied battlw that entirely. But her spirit, as is possible after what has been told, withstood the insinuations of darkness through which she drew its hatred upon herself.

I thought the strange affair would thus be ended, which, however, was not at all the case. The bottom boards lay on the floor without being blumhardgs. Once I saw her in convulsions when the doctor was present. Furthermore, since they are not founded on the Bible, they do not deserve further attention.

Johann Blumhardt

From that point on there was quiet in the house for about a fortnight. Not until the end did I think that these things were worthy of observation and full of meaning although they blumharets once more into unheard of things. Then I began to pray seriously, while the thunder rolled outside. She showed herself again in Gottliebin and cried with a firm and decided voice that she wanted to belong blumhardtd the Savior and not to the devil.


After a few hours, however, everything became quiet and I left the patient with more joy than ever. I dare to write all this here, resting assured that nobody will mind — in order to prove that especially during that time I did not have any time to spare, nor looked for it, in order to dream in exaggerations and fantasies. DKE Preface As I hand the accompanying report to a highly praiseworthy synod, I feel pressed to declare that I have not yet spoken as boldly and forthrightly to anyone about my experiences.

It was as if at one time orphans had lost their home because of its fault. I fasted, but found circumstances worse than ever on that day. Her behavior and her personality changed dangerously.

The latter blumharddts appear under the judgment and under the power of satan, of which others are free.

Victory4You » Blumhardt’s Battle: A Conflict With Satan

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat For a long time I did not bwttle to their talk and blumhwrdts often pressed upon when I saw the painful expressions of their faces, their hands lifted in imploration and the streams of tears which flowed from their eyes, and heard the sounds and sighs of fear, despair and begging which could have moved a stone. For this reason, I trust the more that you will respect my request to prevent publicity for the time being.

The things which could be analyzed, like the powders, were later analyzed chemically hr the chief medical examiner and an apothecary in Calw. And with faith in Him, Who is the Lord, the words were formed in me again and again. In order to prevent all embarrassment, I packed all of these things together and went, accompanied by the mayor, to the chief medical examiner, Herr Dr. Throughout his career, Johann Blumhard remained a refreshingly humble man as did his son after himrefusing to allow anyone to give him credit for the miracles that Jesus was working through him and around him.


She could not be recognized any more and I had someone wash her face and her head. Hardly a week passed that she did not come twice or thrice to my house to visit me.

This resulted in bruises and other injuries. Gottliebin sat in the middle of the small living room, with a bucket in front of her which was about half filled with blood and water.

Yet we have seen a widespread resurgence in practices of witchcraft and magic. I cannot tell how the course of details went.

Nor did the demons say a word except that they, when a new group came out, cast about wrathful looks. I trust to be forgiven the direct style as being more convenient.

Two more such raptures occurred in the following days, but in such a way that blumhardrs seemed to float over Asia. The only other thing I will mention is that even living animals came out of her mouth, but I never had opportunity to see them. I was already beginning to have hope, when I was told that one could hear that same knocking as with fingers around Gottliebin.

Also Gottliebin was highly reticent about her strange experiences.