Brindisi Bedfellows By Jamie Craig – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Brindisi Bedfellows. $ Author: Jamie Craig Series: Book #: Genre: Contemporary|Erotica|Gay Heat Level: 4. Words: 55, Content Notes: Intense Edgy. Enjoy the trip with Brindisi Bedfellows, Jamie Craig’s intensely passionate tale of friends, relationships, and living with your g.

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You two had a bit of brlndisi knockdown. I think it would be best if I revisit this book at some point in the future. The alcohol made his brain fuzzy, and the pub was growing louder by the minute, as more and more people crowded in to start their weekends.

I love Chris and Trip the passion, the sharing, the learning, the loving. The two characters are obviously guys in their thirties Well, this was ok. I have been nothing but good to him, and this is how he treats me. Oct 05, Linda-Grace rated it it was amazing Shelves: Christian has a some years relationship with Andrew and the eve of their departure for a long time desired holiday in Italy, Another surprise.

I won’t say any more and leave it a really loving the Epilogue.

This story has great character development. Mutual lust drives them together. But none of that seems to matter when Trip finds out what Andrew did to him. Said ex-boyfriend, Chris, and best friend, Trip, realize their sex-for-fun holiday-fling has become more.

Trip never felt any guilt in regards to being the “other man” in the relationship. Of course, there beddellows arguments against this. Christian and Trip make love and then slip on dream kissing each other like two teens. What to want more. He was just trying in his own unique way to make Christian feel better. Dec 02, Susan Laine rated it it was amazing Shelves: When Christian is told about the relationship he gives in much too easy.


I’m yours to do with as you will.

Does that mean it didn’t hold my interest? He held his hand out to Trip.

This had one of them and it came out Christian gets dumped the day before he and his lover Andrew were supposed to go on a 3 week holiday. Getting dumped by your boyfriend on the eve of your first vacation in six years because he decides to reconcile with his ex-wife is agony.

As Christian drowns his sorrows at a pub, the boyfriend’s best friend, Trip, finds him and finds out about the ex-wife’s return. It was stupid, but somehow, Trip was doing more to help than the Guinness was.

One woman who wants a baby more than anything. Mar 25, thelastaerie rated it really liked it.

Brindisi Bedfellows

Knowing he bedfeellows Trip’s bdefellows made it better. Nov 02, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Trip is actually very nice to him, maybe even flirting a little? He could walk into any room anywhere in the world and leave with the best looking guy in the place–even if that guy had been as straight as the day is long up to that point. But someone else has set her sights on Joel, Getting dumped is never fun.


I’ll give this another read after a while and see if I can bump up the rating or if it is brindlsi one of those stories for me. Trip was already steering him wrong. When these two men get together, watch out for fiery passion and heat equal to the Italian sun. It had been years since he quit smoking, but the nicotine rush was still familiar, comforting even.

The best way to cope? Nothin’ like a holiday fling to tell the ex to fuck off. This is her chance to meet Joel, her favorite online gaming buddy.

Brindisi Bedfellows – Jamie Craig – Google Books

I have to say bbrindisi Trip was my favorite character in this story, completely a case of how you should never judge a book by its cover. But fact is, you’ve never been anything but good for Andrew, and he’s a complete idiot to do this to you. He had no doubt Trip and his mouth were very talented.

But when Khaelen, one of the ruling elite, The two are obviously attracted to one another, and begin an affair. Quite convincing from friendship to true love romance story. Nobody’s ever told me that’d be a good look for me.