BSR Mode (BSR Command) is only applicable for Port C. In this Mode the individual bits of Port C can be set or reset. This is very useful as it. The BSR mode is a port C bit set/reset mode. The individual bit of port C can be set or reset by writing control word in the control register. The control word format . Control Word and BSR Mode Format. Page 2. The figure shows the control word format in the input/output mode. This mode is Filectrlformat

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The control word format of BSR mode is as shown in figure and mode selection formal is in figure 2. What are 82555 basic modes of operation ofExplain with the format of control register.

Explain BSR mode of with application.

The ‘s outputs are latched to hold the last data written to them. Port A can be used for bidirectional handshake data transfer. The mode used eight bits of Port C only.

For port B in this mode irrespective of whether is acting as an input port or output portPC0, PC1 and PC2 pins function as handshake lines. Implicit and Explicit sequence Control. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat As an example, consider an input device connected to at port A. Only port A can be initialized in this mode. The inputs are not latched because the CPU only has to read their current values, then store the data in a CPU register or memory if it needs to be referenced at a later time.


Find us on Facebook. As shown in figure, the transfer of data is achieved by port C handshake signals. Pa, Pb and Pc in mode 2.

Each line of port C PC 7 – PC 0 can be set or reset by writing a suitable value to the control word register.

This is an active low input signal for Since the two halves of port C are independent, they may be used such that one-half is initialized as an input port while the other half is initialized as an output port.

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All the 3 modes i. D3, D2 and D1 of control word register. The pin of Port C, i. Acknowledgement and handshaking signals are provided to maintain proper data flow and synchronisation between the data transmitter node receiver.

Intel 8255

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Email Required, but never shown. This is required because the data only stays on the bus for one moxe.


The internal organization of these signals, which is shown in figure 2. Retrieved 3 June Working of in mode 2: The individual bit of port C can be set or reset by writing control word in the control register.

The bit set using BSR mode remains set unless and until you change the bit. The bi-directional data is transferred through port A so it consists of input and output latch. There are two different control word formats which specify two basic modes: There are three basic aspect of storage management: Mode 0 and Mode 1 for port B and port C lower. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The BSR mode affects only one bit of port C at a time.

The is a modw of the MCS Family of chips, designed by Intel for use with their and microprocessors and their descendants [1].

This means that data can be input or output on the same eight lines PA0 – PA7.