Karten und pläne der Berliner u bahn zum ausdrucken oder zum download als PDF mit dem BVG netzplan, die stationen und die 10 linien. Fahrplaninformationen zu den (Metro-)Tram und (Metro-)Buslinien sowie zu den Fähren erhalten Sie bei der BVG. Zum Seitenanfang. Liniennetze. S- und U-. Die Vereinbarungen dazu wurden vom Land Berlin im Verkehrsvertrag mit der BVG AöR getroffen. Darüber hinaus gibt es ein kontinuierliches Programm zur.

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Connection between U 5 and U 55 is due to be completed in The trains were first updated in ; A-II carriages were distinguished by only having three windows, and two sliding doors. Unternehmen Sie einen spannenden Streifzug durch die Berliner Geschichte! The main workshops are the only places where trains can be lifted from the tracks; they are used for the full inspections required every few years, and for any major work on trains. Also its location was directly on the border between the Soviet and American sectors.

The first part of the station was opened in along with an extension of today’s U2 line. Urban public transport networks and systems in Germany.

Bahn Berlin

After the construction of the wall, East Berlin was left with line E and the eastern half of line A. Erkunden Sie die wechselvolle Geschichte der Kreisstadt im The seizure of power by the National Socialists brought many changes that affected Germany, including the U-Bahn.

This system was sreckennetz place by for the E-Plus network, and was one of the first metro systems to allow mobile telephone use; by the late s the other networks could be used as well.

The U6 saw a particularly costly, though casualty-free, incident on 25 March Difficulties there in trying to develop an E series of trains led, into the conversion of S-Bahn type trains for use on the E line. The division of the U-Bahn network on 13 August forced its closure, although it was reopened in as a storage depot.


Today, only struts on bfg viaduct remain to indicate its location.

Diese Seite verwendet Cookies zur Personalisierung und Analyse. Known as the ” Stammstrecke “, the route was inaugurated on 15 Februaryand was immediately popular. The single exit of the station was unreachable, forcing the passengers to run through the tunnel to reach the nvg emergency exit. They used the names of real stations that, in the context of underwear, appeared to be mild sexual double entendres: The Berlin U-Bahn has appeared in numerous films and music videos.

Gleisdreieck ‘s triangular layout had already been deemed unsuitable for future developments; this incident—and a later, less-serious one—triggered its reconstruction as a multi-level station, starting in Members of international metro organizations. The service workshops sreckennetz handle minor repairs and maintenance, such etreckennetz replacing windows, or removing graffiti. The fire also damaged the station, which remained closed until September.

Eberswalde Esslingen am Neckar Solingen.

Views Read Edit View history. A bicycle-pass is included in the Student-class ride-pass, which is provided through the universities. Berliner Morgenpost in German. In other projects Wikimedia Streckenneta.

The tunnel is used as a storage area for theater props. Plans for a redesign were made soon after, because the wye was already obsolete. Many C-type trains were seized by Strecjennetz forces into be used in the Moscow Metro.

There has been a discussion, whether the Strwckennetz should be extended to the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. The move freed the number 5, which the West Berlin BVG had reserved for East Berlin’s line E in case of reunification—the only line that ran exclusively in East Berlin territory and was therefore not yet covered in the new West Berlin system.

It is unlikely that this line, which had the working title “U3” will ever be built, so the platforms have been partially converted into a location for events and exhibitions.

Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr

Following reunification, the A3 type was again upgraded as the A3L92, the first Kleinprofil type to use AC induction motors. For example, once validated, an all-day pass allows unlimited use from the time of purchase to 3: Even though this would only take meter of new tracks, the tight budgetary situation of the Berlin Senate hinders the realisation.


Glitzerndes Nass, wohin das Auge reicht: Offering access to stations, tunnels, and trains, the BVG cooperates with film-makers, although a permit is required.

Another concrete wall separates this tunnel, which now houses a transformer for an electricity supplier, from the never-completed Oranienplatz Station which is located partially under the square of the same name. As a consequence of the Deutsche Oper incident, BVG decided to post an employee at every station with only one exit until a second exit could be built.

Inwork started again, but not without further complications. Tourist ride-passes, all-day, group passes, and season passes include a dog fare. Even though there is no concrete planning at the moment.

As there is only the need of 1,2 kilometer it would be a cheap extension of the existing end point Wittenau. Provided either by the Job Center Arbeitsamt for out-of-work residents or by the Sozialamt for people who cannot work or are disabled, the S-Class ride-passes normally restrict travel to the AB zones and must be renewed a new pass purchased at a non-automated location on the 1st of each month.

Streckennrtz following streckenneta, which had been waiting at Zoologischer Gartenthen left the station on the same track.

Berlin/Transportation – OpenStreetMap Wiki

The line number “U3” has been used to re-number the branch to Krumme Lankewhich had been part of “U1”. The system was reopened completely following the fall of the Berlin Wall, and German reunification.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first U-Bahn trains to use aluminium in their construction, the C-IV types, were introduced in Just a few months earlier, work began on a fourth line to link Wilmersdorf in the south-west to the growing Berlin U-Bahn. On the third incident, the BVG calls the offender to court, as there is now a history of ‘riding without paying’.