Note that every unqualified variable is automatically considered to be in context this, so that a reference to the variable $(foo) is identical to referencing. CFEngine Homepage. Version Design Center ยท Enterprise API Reference; Syntax, identifiers and names The CFEngine 3 language has a few simple rules. The purpose of the cfengine reference manual is to collect together and document the raw facts about the different components of cfengine. Once you have.

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Function joinPrevious: The option force is not currently implemented and will likely have to be system dependent.

It checks for the absence of important NFS resources. Debugging with signalsPrevious: The signal names have the usual meanings. I am running cfengine from this script to do the bulk of the configuration.

Note if the file is empty, or if the current line pointer is not set, the file is inserted at the start of the file. This variable points to the promise handle of the currently handled promise; it is useful for referring to the intention in log messages. Peter can attest to this.


Command reference In this section you will find each facet of a cfengine program listed together with an appropriate explanation. David’s script is nice since sendmail was the inspiration for cfengine’s name. After the operation the pointer points to the line after the commented lines. Key exchangePrevious: Variables from earlier files are inherited by later includes, but not vice-versa. Windows cfenngine managementUp: If this value is set to copy or nonesymbolic links will be replaced by actual copies of the files they point to.

Reference introductionUp: Otherwise a double quoted string may not currently contain double quotes and likewise for single quoted strings.

CFEngine Documentation – CFEngine Reference

Regular expressions in pathsUp: Function parserealarrayUp: Function ldapvalueUp: The use of these filesystems really excludes the need to use the mount protocol at all. Function filesexistPrevious: This is also the case with shell commands.

Add a line to disable the files once a week. Filters for files and processes are defined together. How can I fix exports in cfengine? Windows registry managementPrevious: If the link cfejgine and points to a file which does not exist a warning is issued unless the command line option -L is used, in which case the link is deleted.


Windows Management with CFEngine Enterprise – CFEngine – Distributed Configuration Management

Function hostrangePrevious: Interested readers are referred cefngine the values in classes. A more complex match could be used to look for processes belonging to a particular user. Commenting linesUp: This means that variables or macros defined in imported files are only defined after the main program.

To do so you need, first of all, to define a new class for the operating system referencee. Inform quoted-string Set to true or false, on or off to set inform level for this file.