This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and. Physical files don’t convert to spooled files. However, you can generate a spooled file from a physical file. RUNQRY QRYFILE(. On iSeries, instead of transferring a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet, use the CPYTOIMPF command to create a CVS text file that can be easily loaded into.

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I have received several communications informing me that you can use the Operation Navigator to convert a spool file to a PDF file. When you need to attach a database file, a save file or a spooled file, you need to have your own tools to convert such objects to stream files. Apache POI and jExcel.

C – Convert a spooled file to a. An envelop containing “headers” stating things like note timestamp.

IBM i: Converting a spooled file to PDF

You receive the following screen:. This ultimately saves your time and money by moving your business away from paper-based documents and by distributing information via electronic formats. Then either the calling program monitors for exceptions and decides what to do, or the calling program is halted by the escape message.

In this way, the error message could, for instance, be processed by some program rather than by some human being. Optionally, a message body may be built from a text source member. If you want to handle it yourself, you can also just write it out as a straight CSV file Comma Separated Valueswhich Excel will also open.


The data records are copied to the PC document as fixed-length records. A CSV file is simply a file where each “row” is delimited by a carriage return, and each “value” is delimited by a comma. So, do you need to convert spool to Excel? Have you tried any of them? You can save to file your spool.

IBM Systems Magazine – Converting an IBM i Spool File to a PDF

The granularity of the message logging is not high enough The joblog is too big The joblog cannot be found. Our utility receives the data queue entries and selectively e-mails the spooled files to their destinations. Name Note stream file. Display Object Links Directory.

Automated e-mailing of spooled files 7a. A separate parameter allows to specify whether the stream file contains some plain text or an HTML script. Resend failed MIME messages Message body HTML stream file: All you have to do it set it up and instruct it what to send and to whom and it will run all by itself making you look even more efficient!

The ieries can attach up to 30 spooled files.

Both these products can be downloaded and run with a free temporary key. Enter the last name, the firstname and the e-mail address, then press button “add new entry”.


Just now reading this thread Splitting into multiple documents for sales territory or product type. Merge job spooled files Suppose that you periodically send -to some user of yours- an e-mail message attaching several spooled files converted to PDF. There are two possible scenarios: It should be within quotes.

Converting an IBM i Spool File to a PDF

Well, the good news is that you can! The function requires that product TS1 option 01 be available to use. Written by Simon Hutchinson at 4: Again, the data is coming straight from your spool files, which the CoolSpools spool file converter outputs as a System i PDF — no manual entry needed.

For a list of supported character sets see this page. I have been building all of my reports with 3 options Delete spooled files – Whether the merged spooled files should be deleted once the “single” spooled file has been generated 4. Some people have reported that they cannot post a comment using certain computers and browsers.

Login or Sign Up. This can be obtained very easily: I believe there are a few Java libraries out there that can aid in CSV creation, but it’s easy enough just to write it out.

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