Jules, a high school student, lives with her family above their restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago. Their restaurant rivalry with the Angotti. Crash is a great, suspenseful, interesting book that always kept me hooked and wanting to keep reading. The DeMarco family, Jules, Rowan, Trey, Paula and. Crash by Lisa McMann. Crash is a romance/suspense novel with a touch of the paranormal and a Romeo and Juliet theme. Jules (Julia).

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I just found it a little overkill. I know she has reason to be worried, but come crrash. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. The conflict between the families has passed through two generations because both families own competing pizza crawh places in their small town.

It’s just that everything about it reads like a contemporary romance and the craah bit doesn’t seem to quite fit in with the rest – it’s there merely to be the catalyst for Jules and Sawyer’s relationship because she is forced to talk to him despite the family feud. Jules and Sawyer used to be best friends until their respective families battles against the other made virtual strangers out of them. I thought maybe the writing would improve.

Lisa McMann | Books

Thanks for telling us about the problem. You could really tell how much they all cared about each other.


Haha…I had pizza for dinner two nights in a row! I will admit to being curious about how the mcmamn would play out in the end. The story felt so young even though our characters are not.

Jules was one-dimensional and boring, she was kind of annoying and also a bit stalkerish Jules was so relatable and likable. This recap was written and submitted by the fabulous Emily Read Your Bookcase. And if I may add, this is the first book in a trilogy. If only there were more interesting visions The Angottis and Demarcos run rival restaurants, but their bad blood runs much deeper. And the more she sees it, the more shesees.

Jules almost died herself, but only one person died — the man who was driving the snowplough. Even though the story is fresh and different from anything I have read, it pulls in some classic plot lines that had me drooling.

Jules was seriously injured, and Trey who showed up and got in the truck was slightly injured. By the looks of it, this should be a two or one star rating. If what you see is what you get, Jules is in serious trouble.


This was a fairly quick read and while it starts out a bit slow, the action really picks up midway through. There were definitely moments in this book where I had second hand embarrassment for the wrong reasons, but ultimately I did like parts of Lisa McMann’s “Crash”, the first in her “Visions” series.


As time passes and her visions become more clearer, Jules realizes the importance of her knowledge and starts forming a plan to possibly save the lives of those dead people.

Nov 22, Giselle rated it it was ok Shelves: Look at that cover! This, however, is just not for me and I won’t be reading the sequel.

CRASH by Lisa McMann | Kirkus Reviews

Even though there’s the vision part everyday of Jules’s life, it’s just a normal routine, without going to witches’ places or reading cards. View all 4 comments.

But since I had already requested Bang and was approved for it later, I had to read this series, and I have to say that I went in expecting the worst, but ended up loving this book more than ever. The crash stalks he 3. Aside from the forbidden potential romance, there are mdmann secrets I had a hard time connecting with Jules.

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