today announced it has been rated as “Excellent” in the DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide. Eversync was ranked #4. Since the release of the DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software . DCIG encourages any organization that is considering the purchase of. Last week DCIG published their annual Virtual Server Backup Software Having said that, I am excited that Symantec Backup Solutions, both.

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Solutions Veritas solutions focus on information, not infrastructure. To receive the latest Commvault news and announcements, please contact pr commvault. This is another example of hidden costs in a CVLT environment. Its funny how the majority of CommVault staff are ex Symantec staff Just look at LinkedIn One week they are telling people how great Symantec is and then the next week they are telling people how bad Symantec is and that CommVault is so much better.

Softeare they were open and transparent about it, then there wouldn’t be a problem. We think our products are leaps and bounds ahead of CommVault, so here are a few reasons why you should choose NetBackup or Backup Exec over CommVault each and every time: As we’ve discussed in our launch events and as you’ll see detailed in the Buyer’s Guide, Commvault has done significant amounts of work in Simpana rcig to give enterprises the ability to better manage data protection in virtual and cloud environments.

However, before they provide you with feedback make sure you know they have the product setup and working correctly. It had all the best practices.

It’s easier and the results are better with Symantec. Company Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information—their most important digital asset. Explore Data Management. I am backing up a large number of virtual servers with lots of different applications, and still have a heap of physical servers all to my deduplication pool which I then replicate to my other backup exec server at my DR site.


Kate Lewis Level 3. Commvault Simpana 10 software is years ahead of the game in driving modern data management, but don’t believe for a minute that we’re going to stop innovating and rest on our laurels. Backup Guy Not applicable. I have raised my concerns with DCIG before but they obviously have failed to do anything about it. Spiceworks at Backup Exec Matt. Commvault has worked tirelessly to keep pushing the market forward by expanding beyond the world of the “simple” backup.

Virtual Backup Software http: Our holistic approach to managing data is built for the multi-cloud and geared for the digital business. We’ve made it easier to backup and manage data in VMware and Hyper-V environments, where these tasks are made especially complex by the constant movement of workloads and applications.

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I do get a couple of failures everynow and again, but I can live with that. Collective Ddcig Not applicable. I figured that, if I followed the best practices and it doesnt work, then I can say hand on heart that the prodcut doesnt do what it says on the box.

DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide: ‘Solving Forward’ Really IS the Right Strategy

You’re currently not registered on Lithium. At the end of the day no matter what backup product I use I have tried them all there will always be a few issues and quirks. The alliance or favoritism as we call it, is natural. What are they virhual to hide? Because they are looking for a diamond.

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Symantec’s response to the “DCIG Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide”

Speak to your peers that you know and trust. It doesnt miss a beat. Let make it clear that it is the pay check talking rather than what is true and accurate.

We sofftware our products are leaps and bounds ahead of CommVault, so here are a few reasons why you should choose NetBackup or Backup Exec over CommVault each and every time:.

After all of that I have learnt softare there is a lot more to Backup Exec than I first anticipated. Wednesday, March 13, Snap Away – and More Time to Play!

He was able to direct me to the relevent documentation and helped me to use technical support to achieve a desired outcome. Our experts help you maximize the value of your information.

Protecting Apps and Data in the Cloud: Past, Present, and Future: To put it simply, it’s frustrating, but it’s the world we live in. Get Excited by the Opportunity! ICT Department Not applicable. He helped me through some of the issues and we simplified the process and have turned the entire environment around.

We’ve given you visibility into the physical locations of virtual machines for streamlined restores and we’ve enabled new levels of backup and recovery automation. I share your frustrations that you are experiencing.