Decorative Wraps Gallery. Birds Circles Crosses Diamonds & Chevrons · Fish Flowers Ins & Outs Pinwheels · Sparklers Scales Spiders St John’s · Stars Misc. Billy Vivona Custom Rod Prices – the Base Prices include: Fuji reel seat, EVA Decorative Wraps – Closed wraps: standard 6″ $, +$50 per inch over . Decorative Wraps book by Billy Vivona – $ Dec Wraps + Packing tool combo = $50 (13% off). Dec Wraps + VisualWrap Combo = $ (15% off). +$8 shipped.

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New Movie The Vice. Diamond Flag Box Fish. Decorative Wraps by Billy Vivona. Thanks for posting and it is a treat to see you here Billy! Sign in decoative Google. Guide to Fly Fishing Knots.

Posted March 17, Here is the Arrow pattern and here is the table from the Spacing Chart for the arrow. I’m sure it will get easier to understand the more I read it.

If this is the best the left can come up with, just wait until the 3rd rendition comes out vivpna Trump. This book contains 52 pages wrapw over detailed illustrations. Or Cheney needed to go to jail for attempted manslaughter if he indeed did just pull on the guy while sitting in the SUV.

Yep, been through all that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought you were from England, hahaha.


Sign up for a new account in our community. Includes rod design, cork handles, determining spine, foam handles, installing tip top, wrapping guides, finishing wraps and tips for a professional finish.

Billy posts almost daily on rod building You can’t keep a good man down! You can lay out “X” amount of threads and measure the distance if you want to be sure. I’ve started to reread the section on deciphering a pattern.

Decorative Wraps by Billy Vivona

Please read forum policy before posting again. So I maybe asking more questions as time goes on. I bookmarked this one so I’ll check decoraitve every so often. The “Dragon Master” and inventor of the Wonder Weaver, Jim Upton explains the process of thread weaving with text, photos and illustrations. Or Don’t be a Dick when Hunting! Easy step by step instruction guide with complete diagrams of how to wrap: Thanks Guys, I’ve started to reread the section on decogative a pattern. Do you have to be a Devil to make those eggs like that?

If you have thread from both sides you will have a different spacing guide that will make a bigger box. All of Billy’s spacings are for 40 madera thread and its a little smaller then size “A” thread. THis allows me to construct the pattern and not constantly pack to squeeze threads in, rather I can get all the threads in, and then I pack the entire pattern in towards the center to remove teh gaps.

For example on page 32 there is an arrow with spacing A. Close but no cigar. You should shoot Billy an email. Posted March 8, Make sure you read the first chapters of the book so that you have a better understanding of he system.


Rod Building Books, Videos & Software

Sign in with Facebook. So if you want to make 8 passes of thread inside box you would make a 2 mm box.

Your post has been edited. This book by Tom Kirkman of Rod Bt Magazine will show you how to build casting, spinning, fly and trolling rods in a way that a beginner can understand and from which an old pro can learn some new techniques.

Thanks for the review. What I do with the Spacing charts is add a little bit, so if it says 2mm, I’ll leave 3mm. They then cut to Whittington apologizing for the incident. Sign In Sign Blily.

Also if you use NCP thread that tends to measure a little bit thicker than standard “A”.

Posted August 9, Honestly I think it was terribly written and came off as being a total smear on Cheney. LOL That gets me every time. Twenty different knots are covered with concise decoratie and simple, clear illustrations showing each step.