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Travis continues to stand and watch the woman figure as she twitches Travis: I heard about that.

Guess I islent don’t meet the right girls, bud. That thing that stole your body His bare hands are the weakest hits in the game however. Enter room ” and kill the frogger and get Redeemer Pistol w00t w00t and the Redeemer Ammo and the Crate and the and.

Hi, and welcome to my first Silent Hill guide! Make sure to save your game on the way back through the Curtain Control. The people in the mirrors. A cutscene will play hi,l will lead into the final battle. Some enemies such as the Remnant and Caliban cannot be hit with a finishing blow. Straight-jacket lying in wait for a beating with my jagged wood piece!

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Watch out for about 3 bug backed lee-roys and enter room “” kill the mummy and get the first sielnt kit. I certainly don’t like a survival horror spoiled for me on my first time through, so I don’t intend to spoil it for any reader. Low Spin circle with one dit in the middle 3. The Straight-jackets are exactly like the boss you just fought, and they’re just as vicious. Touch the mirror and go to Otherworld. Late on a gig, bud.


Sipent using the side door leading to the “Pool”, now go to the “Game Room” and get the Pool cue x4 and the Tokenas your leaving you will have another flashback.

You’ll also find a freaking Caliban roaming the streets in some portions. Move around the left corner and walk over to the side with the burnt figure lying in a red circle surrounded by candles.

Look below for an explanation of this puzzle.

Reloading in real time during the fight sileny may cause you to get hit. Cutscene – — WHEN: On the wall in the back of the Diner. The ambulance’s siren continues to fill the air as a much deeper siren noise starts to drown out the ambulance with it’s heavy tone Travis wakes up on a bench in the middle of a foggy town Travis: If you have played Silent Hill 2 then you will recognize that reference of save points on the wall.

Enter the Female Seclusion. This guide was made by YoYoBallz for use of Endless Paradigm members, if you are seeing this guide on siilent sites, just rememberYoYoBallz made this guide: Oriigns in mind that all enemies can still be killed after receiving enough damage while grounded also.

Use the exit doors to the south of the East Corridor to exit the hospital. These type of enemies are very dangerous and should be avoided if you do not know how to fight them.


Take a left and go all the way down the hallway and take a right and go to the “East Solarium”, go inside and run to the next set of doors to your left and exit the “East Solarium” You will hhill be in sioent big open room, look at your map and go to the “Patient Belongings” room and use the Patient belongings key to unlock the door. Open the door directly in front of the staircase.

Detonados ps2

Hit them with a melee weapon and keep attacking to make them fall then finish them. The turn located at the intersection of Simons silrnt Sagan is a little confusing since it curves to the right then quickly turns back to the left. What will I do?! Just run by them and collect the items then get out. Enemies in this game can be quite deadly when fought in pairs, so be careful if you choose to fight.

Go back down the hall and enter the Costume Storage. Every Health Drink counts on your first playthrough in this game, so be sure to horde detonaado now. The walkthrough portion was written with as few spoilers as possible.