The effects of the aqueous crude extract (5%) of Eugenia punicifolia on cholinergic nicotinic neurotransmission were investigated. Actions of. Eugenia punicifolia (Kunth) DC (Myrtaceae), popularly known as pedra-ume-caá, pedra-ume, murta, or muta, is a shrub found mainly in the. Figure 16 Body weight evolution in rats with acetic acid-induced gastric ulcers treated with oral administration of vehicle, lansoprazole.

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In this rat study involving males, intact cycling females, and ovariectomized females, gastric ulcers were induced using acetic acid. In vitro and in vivo studies. Protein expression levels in Punicifolla healing of gastric ulcers To determine the protein expression profiles associated with HEEP-mediated healing of gastric ulcers, we examined the western blotting gels for several important contributors to cell growth and cell death.

A vehicle, lansoprazole, or HEEP was administered for 14 d after ulcer induction. In addition to growth factors, we evaluated apoptotic factors including caspase-8 Figure 12caspase-9 Figure 13and caspase-3 Figure 14as well as the anti-apoptotic factor Bcl-2 Figure Please enter the date on which punicioflia consulted the system.

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Growth factors such as EGF activate epithelial cell migration and proliferation, accelerating wound and ulcer healing in vivo and in vitro [ 5737 ]. Since no significant increase in EGF levels was noted in rats treated with HEEP, we may infer that healing had progressed further and was potentially stabilized in such rats; on the other hand, rats treated with LZ may have experienced re-exacerbation, which represents the main challenge in the treatment of lesions in poorly vascularized and epithelialized gastric tissue.


Qin et al[ 58 ] shows that estrogen can induce apoptosis in gastric cancer cells, and that Bcl-2 might be involved in this effect. Gurusamy KS, Pallari E.

All of these processes are controlled by growth factors prostaglandins produced by COX-1 and COX-2which stimulate cell proliferation and division. HEEP accelerated the healing of gastric lesions, and this effect was modulated by female sex hormones. In male rats, d treatment with HEEP was associated with significantly decreased lesion area The experiments were performed in 90 d old males as well as in intact and OVZ female rats. The pH can range from 4,5 to 6.

Berg Eugenia spathulata O. We evaluated the sex-specific effects of HEEP in the healing of gastric ulcers induced by acetic acid in rats. Berg Eugenia pyrroclada var. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of gastrointestinal ulcer healing. Psidium copacabanensis Copacabana Guava. Open-Access Policy of This Article. The oestrous cycle in the rat and its associated phenomena. Fruits can be eaten fresh, but the tree also makes an excellent ornamental, both for its foliage as well as its colorful and profuse blooms and fruits.

Beach Cherry – Eugenia punicifolia

Animals The animal protocol was designed to minimize pain or discomfort to the animals. Essential oil of Cymbopogon citratus lemongrass and geraniol, but not citral, promote gastric healing activity in mice.

The plates were evaluated after 24 h and 48 h of incubation to assess the closure of the scratch wounds. The animal protocol was designed to minimize pain or discomfort pubicifolia the animals. Healing effect of HEEP on acetic acid-induced gastric lesions. Additionally, the concentration-dependent effect of HEEP was evaluated in terms of subacute toxicity and cytotoxicity. The proliferation ability of fibroblasts exposed to HEEP was assessed using the scratch-wound assay, according to a protocol previously described by Balekar et al[ 24 ], with a few modifications.


The leaves of E. The increased expression of EGF in rats treated with LZ may reflect the ongoing healing of gastric ulcers in these animals, with intact females having progressed further than males and OVZ females. Berg Eugenia psammophila Diels Eugenia psychotrioides Mart.

We measured prostaglandin levels, analyzed the extracellular matrix by zymography, evaluated the quality of ulcer healing by western blot, and assessed the healing activity by scratch assay. In this rat study involving males, intact cycling females, and ovariectomized females, gastric ulcers were induced using acetic acid.

The percentage of viable cells was calculated as Abs. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. While such treatments are effective, prolonged use of anti-secretory drugs, especially ranitidine and proton pump inhibitors, is associated with several side effects[ 4 ] and poor healing of the gastric mucosa[ 5 ].

Syzygium cuminii Java Plum. Cell viability assay MTT assay.

Effects of exogenous administration of female sex hormones on gastric secretion and ulcer formation in the rat.

Little is known about gender differences in the gastrointestinal tract because the studies that correlate anti- and pro-apoptotic protein expression with female sex hormones in normal gastric mucosal tissue are limited.

In male rats, d treatment with HEEP was associated with puniclfolia decreased lesion area Gastric ulcers, which occur due to an imbalance between protective and aggressive agents at the gastric mucosa surface, is a chronic disease that affects millions worldwide and has high rates of relapse. A clinical observation study.