Hence the name Fulminata, from the phrase Terra Fulminata or ‘earth armed with lightning’. As the author notes, while the Romans did not. Thyrsus Games. Year Published. Primary Name. Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning. Alternate Names. Fulminata: Armed with Lightning. The Legio duodecima Fulminata (“Thunderbolt Twelfth Legion”), also known as Paterna, Victrix, Antiqua, Certa Constans, and Galliena, was a legion of the Imperial Roman army. . in modern-day Slovakia, and an episode of a miraculous rain and lightning saving a Twelfth subunit from defeat is reported by the sources.

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Or should I say magics as it offers several different flavors ranging from Magi to Mithraic Priests to Etruscan Diviners to other Magicians and Witches. They also were the Lost Legion in Syria. Been reading the core book pretty thoroughly and there’s some interesting stuff.

Special eight-sided dice, known as TALI, sold separately, are needed for play, although this book features guidelines for using standard 8-siders in their stead. Taken alone the background material would serve someone assembling a Roman campaign well.

Retrieved from ” http: GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Accessibility Fulminata’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of how to write a setting material. This force was sent back by Gaius Cestius GallusLegate of Syriawhen he recognized the legion was too weak. Aith also includes a pretty substantial and detailed system for magic. It sounds fucking awesome! Throughout the authors tie in even the mechanical systems to the themes of lighhtning setting.

The simple resolution system encourages less rolling– most task can be completed if the character has sufficient skill.


Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning: Michael S. Miller: : Books

The Twelfth legion, as it is perhaps better known, fought in the Battle against the Nerviansand probably also in the Siege of Alesia. As a general Roman resource it has a lot to offer. The region around Melitene was one of the first in which Christian faith spread. The muskets are smooth bore and the heavy stocks and barrels look as primitive as you’d expect, like something from the turn of the 17th century. That’s a nice step to provide at the outset– giving players and GMs a descriptive rather than prescriptive framework for play.

Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Historical Role-Playing in a Rome that never was I didn’t cover adventures, though there are a number of them available. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Have read the book a couple ligtning times now and I’ve got to say that the magic systems are probably the best thing about it along with the incredibly detailed layout of Rome. The rules suggest putting stickers on standard d8’s.

After the fall of Rome, the Twelfth was given secret orders by Jupiter himself to, in Hazel’s fulmiinata, “stay alive, recruit demigods and their children, keep Rome going. There’s some interesting flavor there however with details like the special dice and skills being organized around the appropriate patron god.

Ofaloaf Nothing really mattress Joined: Has anyone rulminata this? No Web Witg Found. What ruleset is it based on? It does not, however, provide as much discussion of the implications of magic’s existence on Roman history– GMs will have to do some improvisation on that. From the Ashes Fulminata presents a simple change, with a survivor of Pompeii’s destruction turning his obsession into the discovery of gunpowder.

Twelfth Legion Fulminata

Sep 10, Location: There’s a powerful secret police force that answers to the Emperor, the Brotherhood of Smoke. I imagine that a lot of gameplay metaplots would center around scheming generals and senators.


Alternate-history Rome setting based on the early discovery of gunpowder. Please select a support frequency.

In our world, Lucius Aufidius Caelus stayed home in Pompeii and was killed in the disaster. That takes up 35 pages of the book. Instead it takes a more tightly controlled approach that still leaves plenty of room for cool stuff.

Fvlminata: Armed With Lighting – Romans With Guns!

As the author notes, while the Romans did not innovate greatly, they were experts at applying existing discoveries. The book closes with an adventure and a number of useful appendices names and so on.

Perhaps it would be like a DiVinci-esque set or weapons or maybe reclaiming lost Greek technology of batteries or a fire that burns eternally for some strange engine. Armed with Lightning The background material is uniformly strong– with dulminata emphasis on accessibility and playability.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat See all 3 reviews. Fuminata did the setting did a pretty good job on that front. Lucius Verus invades Parthia in AD and just takes fortresses and sacks cities left and right, plunging deep into the Iranian plateau where he gets killed.

There’s another big change in this setting that gets a less attention, with only passing mention on the back cover and in the introduction.