If the system is plugged into an Ethernet network with a DHCP. The Gentoo minimal installation CD is a bootable image. Installing the Gentoo installation files. From Gentoo Wiki.

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Another source of system information is to run lsmod to see what kernel modules the installation CD uses as genttoo might provide a nice hint on what to enable. In a few moments, the Linux root will be changed towards the new location.

The output above may be a bit more complicated to read than alternative. However, it is recommended as it ensures that the downloaded file is not corrupt and has indeed been provided by the Gentoo Handbooj team.

Gentoo handbook amd64 pdf ^966^

In the USE variable users define keywords which are mapped onto compile-options. However, in some cases, it may not auto-load the kernel modules needed.

The interface name in the above example directly follows the number; it is eno1. Although it is optional and not required for every system, it is wise to install one. To speed things up, know that the decision is not final – it can be changed afterwards. Make sure that the kernel files with kernel version and initramfs files are known, as they need to be referred to in this configuration file. Eventually, the partition table will be empty:.

Use openssl and compare the output with the checksums provided by the. All those variables can be set as environment variables using export but that isn’t permanent.

More traditional readers or ‘old timer’ Gentoo users, working exclusively from command-line may prefer using linksa non-graphical, menu-driven browser.


Without this change, the system will most likely reboot to the internal disk device, ignoring the external boot media. As an example, we boot the gentoo kernel, with dopcmcia as a kernel parameter:. Next select the exact processor type. However, in some cases it may not auto-load the kernel modules needed by the system. Using partedthe command to put a GPT label on the disk is mklabel gpt:. If the network doesn’t work immediately, some installation media allow the user to use net-setup for regular or wireless networkspppoe-setup for ADSL users or pptp for PPTP users.

It will reveal the system’s IP address and related network information to a time server in the case of the example below ntp. A detected network card would result in something like this again, eth0 here is just an example:.

Installing the Gentoo installation files – Gentoo Wiki

Note This is an optional step and not necessary to install Gentoo Linux. Let’s take a good look at disk-oriented aspects of Gentoo Linux and Linux in general, including Linux filesystems, partitions, and block devices.

UTC time is recommended for all Linux systems. Gentoo is all about choices. Possible classes are s for size-optimized0 zero – for no optimizations1, 2 or even 3 for more speed-optimization flags every class has the same flags as the one before, plus some extras. We will try to keep this to a minimum to avoid confusion. To download a stage, surf to the Gentoo mirror list like so:. After the stage file download completes, it is possible to verify the integrity and validate the contents of the stage tarball.

In particular, the user will fail to grub-install with EFI, as suggested in the handbook. The default option is called gentoo. Later in the instructions the proc filesystem a virtual interface with the kernel as well as other kernel pseudo-filesystems will be mounted.


We try not to force users into anything they do not like. We will use the kernel and initrd when configuring a boot loader later in this document. Continue with Preparing the disks. Edit it to configure and select the right keyboard. Some are only aware of the CPU type or name that their system is a part haandbook like i or Intel Core i7.

Configuring the network – Gentoo Wiki

First, download the right set of keys as made available on the signatures page:. If other people need access to the installation environment, or there is need to run commands as a non-root user on the installation medium such as to chat using irssi without root privileges for security reasonsthen an additional user account needs to be created and the root password set to a strong password.

Several of those variables are discussed next. Sometimes an optional step can be followed. This is often the case for network interfaces, especially wireless network interfaces.

Now go to File Systems and select support for the filesystems you use. This verification is usually done in two steps:. This environment contains all the right tools to install Gentoo.

The point of the Handbook is to get a bare-bones Gentoo system up and running, not to cover all possible installation paths irregular partitioning, init systems, kernel configuration, system management utilities, etc. Like with the minimal installation CDs, additional downloads to verify and validate the stage file are available.

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