Buy Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain Reprints by George Monbiot (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Big business is carving up the UK. This century’s defining battle will be between democracy and corporate culture, writes George Monbiot in his. Nicholas Lezard feels his blood boil at corporate barbarism after reading George Monbiot’s Captive State: the Corporate Takeover of Britain.

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Clive Millard rated it liked it Nov 07, Somehow the assumptions of the harness-the-private-sector approach to public service development seem flawed — George Monbiot shows us just how flawed with cases of hospitals that cost more for mongiot beds and are less accessible, and the mass transfer of public assets ours to private hands theirs.

Castor – a real opportunity? When Lord Whitty, a minister at the department of the environment, was asked by the BBC whether the exhibitors at the conference were buying access to ministers, he replied: A long road ahead then, butat least mapped and made so much more comprehensible by Monbiot’s Manifesto of Multinational Malevolence.

Although published inGeorge Monbiot’s meticulous research gives him an almost prophetic visionary grasp of the world of international politics and the encroachment of big business into every sphere of the establishment, so it’s relevant still, and ever more urgent in Nonviolent intervention at the start of the 21st Century Feature. Britain’s millennium celebrations testified captivs a peculiar vision of nationhood.


Everything is for sale – they geoege patented human organs, charged hospitals for life saving research. He equally inspires and infuriates with some of his views but I wholehearted agreed with this book as my first introduction to his writing.

I loved this book captiev I review it here: Moniot Airways and the British Airports Authority used the Journey Zone to explain to visitors the advantages of Heathrow Airport’s proposed Terminal 5, in which they both have a certain interest.

There are many of us who have known what is going on in Britain for a long time, but there are many more who choose to stick their heads in the sand or marginalise those in the know as crackpot conspiracy theorists.

Skye lies over the sea.

The islanders discovered that the company empowered by the government to collect the tolls had changed its name, while the deed which appeared to sgate it to charge the money remained the same.

Adrian Moore rated it liked it Oct 20, Florida went to a gigantic orange carton, with its ingredients listed as “pure Florida orange, diluted with Scottish Office mandarins”.

Welcome to Britain plc

There is a lot in here to be get angry about: The government had no need to use the PFI to build the bridge. The Bank of America, previously known as the Bank of Italy, caltive a blemished record. By the way, Austin Westminsters were powerful six cylinder cars for the senior, but not boardroom level managers of the upper-middle echelons of British road hoggery in the ‘s and 60’s.


Return to Book Page. Essential reading and just the precursor to even more essential reading. The other companies were employed merely to collect the tolls on its behalf and transfer the money to America. Mississippi went to a ghoul in a white hood and cape.

What we have always sort of known. There are moments of poetry through his wonderful use of language, as there are many moments of sheer outrage at all the hidden machinations he exposes geroge ruthlessly. It started with a petition, circulated by the West Highland Free Press.

Captive State

Refresh and try again. Schools are now run by Tesco, and GM foods are awash with illegal poisons that can’t even be labelled.

Thank God for investigative writers like Monbiot. I’d very much like to read a second volume bringing events up to the present day.

Captive State by George Monbiot

It stopped calling the police and refused to let the non-payers pass. Some residents called for a bridge. Global Nonviolent peace Force: The limits of nonviolent intervention?

If the corporations win, liberal democracy will come to an end. David Kcol rated it really liked it Feb 24,