GLPI is a free IT Asset Management, issue tracking system and service desk system. This open . “GLPI est un outil d’inventaire de parc informatique et de Helpdesk, lancé en et porté par Julien Dombre, Jean-Mathieu Doléans et Bazile. The issue tracking and helpdesk features can be found under the Assistance section of the top menu. The first one is simply called “tracking” functions, but. GLPI is a free and open-source web-based help desk application that allows you to create, track trouble tickets and work orders. It also allows.

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Simple and very useful has helpdeesk me to keep my activities organized. Working with the inventory. Deploying agents on Mac OS X operating systems. If there are any errors, check for the file permissions and start over the installation again.

You can download the latest GLPI software on http: The interface allows two kinds of searching mechanisms: Maintaining a clean inventory: You would like to propose a solution that is not yet on the Open Source Guide? The administrative user name is glpi and password is also glpi. Find Out More Start Trial. Just imagine inventory computers automatically and link tickets to computers, software, network equipment, printers.

It also allows you to create an inventory of equipment for your company computer, software, printers… and checkout reservations for that equipment. Helpdeesk course access forever with Packt credits. That will helpful for visitors. Very extensive functional modules, regular system updates, good product support. Installation et configuration” in French. At the Helpdesk section, we can add tickets.


How to install GLPI(Helpdesk and asset Management Software)

A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. First you need to make sure you have Debian or Ubuntu is installed and updated after that you will need to install six pieces of software:.

Troubleshoot Confidently—Find Solutions and Workarounds.

In addition to the mentioned functionalities, we carry out the traceability of projects with their respective helpddsk, where it is possible to notify each person involved of the status of the project.

If you have already created a MySQL database it should have listed in the next screen as shown below, else you have to create a new one by clicking on the link Create new database. This form can be loaded up by any user. The code remains under a GPL license and keeps its open source nature.

Share Facebook Email Twitter Reddit. Setting up the necessary modules on Linux systems. How do you feel about the new design? Choosing the best deployment method. Maybe it will be corrected at next time upgrade?


GLPI is a free and open-source web-based help desk application that allows you to create, track trouble tickets and work orders. Install Apache web server.

The system accelerated and became even more readable. Using the IP Query function. Free software GPL v2.

The European centre for particle physics research continues to strengthen its calculation infrastructure on OpenStack, preparing to add somecalculation cores along with bare metal services. On the other hand, it allows to keep an inventory control of the companies’ computer resources Cons: The rest of the installation is web based and pretty easy.

It is important to emphasize you can do both, since I don’t know any other product that allows this. It is free, and even if you are not dealing with IT resources, you can tailor this software to use it to manage your support service.


Note that the actual name of the file will change depending upon what version of GLPI you have downloaded — be hrlpdesk to use the correct file name. Getting to know the package deployment function. Inventory of computers, peripherals network printers and associated components through an interface with OCS Inventory or FusionInventory [11]. GLPi is your choice. Connecting your feedback with data helpdsek to your visits device-specific, usage data, cookies, behavior and interactions will help us improve faster.

An excellent incident manager, software control and inventory management! It is very easy and simple to use, it allows you to track tickets from opening until they lgpi closed, it is very complete since you can take control of each ticket opened, assign it to a group or user to give a solution, interact with both the client as with the technicians. Query OK0 rows affected 0. If you still want a help documentation, i suggest you to read the Official glp page.

Tickets can be added both retroactively meaning historical, just for archiving purposes or as new ones.

GLPi – Wikipedia

Securing the process with SSL certificates. Retrieved from ” https: In the free version you have extensive functionalities and in the paid version the support is very efficient when it comes to configuring your IT infrastructure based on the best ITIL practices.

The interface can be a bit rough around the edges.