Vinyl Cutter Download Graphtec FC, Vinyl Cutter Machine Download Software Installation & Operation Manual in pdf ( MB) > Download Now. Manually Adjusting the FC ARMS Sensor Level for Glossy Media and Glossy Laminated Prints. When using some glossy media or when using glossy. View and Download GRAPHTEC FC Series user manual online. Cutting Pro . FC Series Plotter pdf manual download.

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E Wrong number of parameters Execute the command with the were specified. Page 9 How to Use Control Panel Perform Automatic Pre Feed When Media is Set Initial Feed It can be set to automatically feed and return the length of the Supplement page when the media is loaded and the media set lever is raised. Select the optimal cutter blade to suit the medium to be cut.

Setting range is from Sorting The Cutting Data Sorting the Cutting Data Cutting efficiency is enhanced if the cutting data are sorted so it will combine the cutting to make the time needed to move the media and exchange the tool as less as possible. Move the position of the light with strong scattered source. How to Use Control Panel This section explains the function of lamps and keys on the control panel. Setting the Step Pass It may not cut the curved line smoothly if there is very short lines in the curve.


Blade-length adjustment knob Plunger-cap Blue: Manual Position Adjust Chapter 6: Press the [4] key Y.

Press the media lock to engage it, and then pull the leading edge out of the front of the plotter so that it completely covers the media sensor. In general, the adjustment becomes more accurate with graphte registration marks scanned, but it will take longer to adjust. Dual Configuration FC can save 2 sets of settings independently. The symbol indicates an action that is prohibited.

Detection level will define the threshold to be placed at what percentage point of the signal level difference between the media background color and the registration mark.


Supplement Plot the registration mark before going to following steps if there is no registration mark written on the media. The first registration mark is automatically detected within a wide search area including the negative area from the starting point; this eliminates the need to manually move the sensor near the registration mark position.

It indicates the current pen position, and is used for fine adjustment The loupe is mounted in the tool holder.

CAUTION When cutting high intensity reflective media The backing sheet used for the high intensity reflective media is very soft, so it will need a reinforcement. Page Alignment registration mark A function to continuously cut the print with same design aligned, using a plugin for the Illustrator. Page – Position of the Origin Point and the Reg Never use thinner, benzene, alcohol, or similar solvents to clean the casings; they will damage the casing’s finish.


Number may vary depending on the model Grit rollers Be sure to move a push roller that is not used to the standby position so that it does not affect the cutting or plotting operation.


Operation selection menu is displayed on the screen of the control panel while it is stopped. Press the [1] key TOOL. FC guarantees the accuracy up to 15m page length. The values set from the control panel is maintained, and graphec values set from the software is erased when the power is turned off.

ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system)

Setting range is from 0. It may not feed properly if the media is thin, so decrease the suction force.

T ool carriage will start to move immediately after selecting to print the dump list. Paper-weight is located under the tool carriage. Confrm that operation area of tool and media is safe.