Bihul is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree, m in height. Crown is spreading, bole is clear, m, and about 1 m diameter. Branches. Focusing the malnutrition of the livestock in Pothwar, the study was conducted for nutritional variation in Grewia optiva and Grewia populifolia, during different. Extraction of fibers from Grewia optiva (a) Grewia optiva plant (b) preparation of khall (c) retting in-process in Khall (d) Separation of bark for fiber extraction and.

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The tree is often planted for hedges. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Grewia.

Grewia optiva in Flora of Pakistan @

Ovary ovoid, lobed, hairy, style filiform, c. The leaves and young twigs are lopped for fodder. Dhaman, Dhamna, Pharwa, Biul, Bhewal. Grewia optiva is a moderate-sized tree, up to 45 ft. Stamens variable in length, filaments mm long, anthers versatile.

Himalayan regions in Pakistan, Nepal, India, usually between and m. Some species once placed in Grewia or genera synonymous with it have since been moved elsewhere, particularly to Microcos: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Grewia optiva Illustration Credit: As major exporters located in India we supply seeds to buyers around the world. J Ethnobiol Ethnomed 2 Our customers are both individuals and organizations. References Momin et al.

Nutritional evaluation of grasses and top foliages through in vitro system of sheep and goat for silvipasture system. Call Send a quick message. Several species, namely phalsa, are known for their edible fruit, which are of local commercial importance. This is gresia possible through their hard work and commitment towards the planet earth.

While some of them are listed here in the website, we can also supply specific requirement of tree seeds that grows in Indian sub continent which may not be listed here. Grewia optiva Drummond ex Burret, Notizbl.

Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Grewia Malvaceae genera Taxa named by Carl Linnaeus. View Contact Call Seller Now. The parasitic wasp Aprostocetus psyllidis of the Eulophidae occurs on and around phalsa G. The genus was named by Carl Linnaeusopitva honor of the botanist Nehemiah Grew from England.


Introductory Agroforestry

These include the common nawab Polyura athamas and the swift moth Endoclita malabaricus. Branches spreading, young shoots divaricate, rough with stellate tomentum. The green bark is used by women for cleaning the hairs.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Login eFloras Home Help.

Grewia – Wikipedia

Get Best Price Request a quote. Grewia Crossberry Grewia occidentalis Scientific classification Kingdom: Regarded by local farmers as a valuable fodder for dairy cows and usually opriva for feeding during the winter.

Year of Establishment Chemical composition and nutritive value of Biul Grewia oppositifolia Roxb. Get in Touch with us Horticultural Impex. The wood possesses an unpleasant odour.