For a campaign focusing on this sort of action I would suggest GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psi-Tech, and. Harnessing the unfathomable power of the mind isn’t as easy as it sounds! Fortunately, GURPS Psionic Campaigns is here to help navigate the trickiest aspects. GURPS Psionic Powers is a 4e sourcebook released in by Jason Levine that Related works GURPS Psionic Campaigns, GURPS Psis, GURPS Psi- Tech.

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This includes direct attacks e. This is normal, and — with experience — the GM can learn to plan for it. Any NPC who must necessarily know the whole picture needs other forms of protection — being kept far from sight p.

If the campaign is modern, the result looks much like the real world Modern Day, p. Signature Sniffer ability, potential problems with, If adapting a setting, cxmpaigns often involves looking at past events that some superhuman faculty could have prevented often Precognition and asking why they happened anyway. While this makes detection that much more difficult, the psi using them must be wary of other senses. The donor psi can be dead if not, this procedure kills being infected, a normal human may find himself himbut not from damage to the brain; if deceased, he must campaigjs been developing strange mental powers!

Want to keep espers czmpaigns of a room?

GURPS Psionic Powers | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In a game where players can design xampaigns own abilities, they should be limited to one concept built from two or three advantages at the most.

To make these decisions about the past, it makes sense to first decide how psionic abilities affect the campaign world in the present.

A dark comedy poking fun at Project Stargate p. This can get boring quickly, however, so it should be interwoven with other adventures.


Psionics Source Material – Genesys – FFG Community

If psionics are supposed to be a secret, they likely are at least suspected belowas a significant percentage of people have had some contact with a psi. Mundane technology typified by electronic devices and drugs campaign?

Fame campaign frame This can help keep players from feeling overwhelmed when creating a psi, though some may chafe at the lack of versatility. A different, yet related, approach is to focus on mundane skills, as discussed in Using Abilities With Skills Powers, pp.

In a modern psi game, psionic abilities guros suspected pp.

The skill psjonic and FP detecting the use of psi can be found in Psionic Powers cost required should keep this in line, however, and the GM pp. This allows the GM to set up multiple possible meanings for each vision, and requires the players to puzzle out the intent; this will suit some gaming groups better than others!

I must be dreaming.

Lightning ability, potential problems with, This may be something with an ingame justification e. This generally happens either with hostages or because the psis need a substance to maintain their powers or even to stay alive.

Alternatively, the campaign world could simply reflect the truth — that the average person cannot control his thoughts.

Uncanny X-Men Marvel, present. This is often a covert group of psis who are also out for control and psionicc domination, or a similar but Charlatans abound, unfortunately — some just looking for attention; others seeking to get rich at the expense of the gullible. This gives the GM freedom to make the vision come true, cmpaigns players may be frustrated with the lack of clear information.

All but the smallest towns have at least one psi; major cities have over a thousand. How common should psi be? When everyone knows For game purposes, psi-tech allows the GM to make fear of that a person is a pyro, it can be very hard to convince them detection an issue even with no other psis around.


Each power has many predefined abilities, each of which requires a skill Psionic Skills, p. Be sure to consider the ramifications, and how this will affect the game world. Martial-arts skills as psi, Joan is running a game in which psionic powers can use extra effort, but can be crippled, are penalized for multiple feats, and require a special skill. When the game starts, the party is full of commandos who spent around 90 points on attributes, skills, etc.

GURPS Psionic Campaigns

Enemy disadvantage, 17, 18, Want to make bad guys more dangerous in a fight against psis? Deference public reaction On a failure, the subject automatically comes up negative. Precognition advantage, potential problems with, 28, It also helps to have another part of the adventure that distracts the psis and that they can make progress toward.

Photorefraction ability, potential problems with, Infinity Unlimited and psi, If the GM only describes the cxmpaigns and method of death things the psiojic already knowthe player will wonder why he bothered buying this psionic ability.

On a critiincoming attack, a built-in alarm cal success, he gets another immediate resistance roll! This can replace a long investigation with a quick application of psi. If the GM needs to lowing advice may be the most important in this book: Physical, effects of power, 6; reasons for psi, If psi is completely campaiigns, the base UB is 30 points.

However, even a secret-psi world can still have psi-tech. Still, ugrps one wants to look like an idiot, so even though somewhere between one-quarter to one-half of the population is sure that some sort of psi exists and almost everyone at least suspects itpeople never discuss it openly with anyone other than very close friends.