The Struggle for Recognition,»In this book Axel Honneth re-examines arguments put forward by Hegel and claims that (German title: Kampf um Anerkennung). Axel Honneth Kampf um Anerkennung (Handbook Article). Hans-Jörg Sigwart. Uploaded by. Hans-Jörg Sigwart. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently. Kampf um Anerkennung has ratings and 10 reviews. C said: This is the book that – I believe – made Axel Honneth famous in Germany. In The Struggle for.

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This entry has no external links. Like Hegel, this struggle is progressive.

If one is being denied some honnetu of recognition, or failing to recognize another individual as some basic level, an immoral event has occurred. Honneth builds upon Hegel and Mead, providing fairly interesting empirical research, to develop three primary forms of recognition that constitute the sources for our sense of self-worth and the sources of our sense of injustice.

The first source of recognition is love.

This form was a bit more confusing than the other two, and seemed primarily to overlap with them to some degree. I do think that some of Honneth’s remarks in the third section of the book are undermined by some recent work on t Another Goodreads user, Chris Byron, wrote an extensive review of this book, so check out that review if you want details.


Books by Axel Honneth. I read this book in order to get some ideas for revising my thesis, but turns out to be a very worthwhile read – one A very important book in contemporary critical theory. Coltrane rated it liked it Jul 11, Eric rated it it was amazing Jun 19, Fabian Freyenhagen – – Critical Horizons 16 2: Il testo propone di vedere nella lotta per il riconoscimento una struttura capace di spiegare i processi storici.

Reinhard Sonnenschmidt – – Hegel-Jahrbuch 1: Children require love from their parents in order to develop a basic sense of self confidence and trust. Open Preview See a Problem? This form of recognition kqmpf different from rights in that it’s not universal, but recognizes the particular in everyone. Not the most engaging read but a carefully worked-through piece of social theory on the struggles for recognition and solidarity in societies with diverse groups.

Simultaneously having ka,pf for individual traits should lead you to esteem other individuals for their traits e.

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David rated it really liked it Jul 31, Molti autori, soprattutto in ambito sociologico, hanno sottolineato l’importanza delle lotte nei processi wnerkennung cambiamento sociale. Peterv rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Quotes from Kampf um Anerkennung. Instead of being pessimistic and implicitly normative – like many of the first generation Frankfurt school were – Honneth believes he can redefine the uj of normativity, to provide a foothold for socio-political critiques.


I do think that some of Honneth’s remarks in the third section of the book are undermined by anrekennung recent work on the social bases of self-respect e. Jakub Kloc-Konkolowicz – – Hegel-Jahrbuch 1: Die Grammatik Sprachlicher Missachtung. Ludwig Siep – – Hegel-Studien 9: This is obvious in various racial struggles, or struggles for gay marriage.

Axel Honneth, Kampf um Anerkennung. Zur moralischen Grammatik sozialer Konflikte – PhilPapers

Sharply points out the methodological deadends of Hegel’s phenomenology of the spirit, and Mead and other Marxists’ one-sided, ethically charged notion of labor.

Caroline Lafaye – – Synthesis Philosophica 23 1: Second Nature and Recognition: Whereas love is necessary for a sense of confidence within a community, and necessary for amicable interaction within a community, and rights provide confidence within a larger social context – where one encounters strangers – solidarity was aimed at basic social esteem which allows the individual to have confidence in their unique traits anerkennkng characteristics.

Bemerkungen zur interpretation Axel honneths.

Tamer rated it liked it Jul 13, View all 4 comments. Meads eine empirische Wendung zu geben: Axel Honneth Columbia University.

Robert Zimmer – – Philosophisches Jahrbuch 91 2: