Step 4. Record your findings and implement them. Step 5. Review your assessment and update if necessary. Source: indgpdf. structure with responsibilities pdf. 3 – Risk assessments Email: [email protected] Telephone: Planning 5 Steps to Risk Assessments pdf.

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The wind conditions were not abnormal for the UK. Recognising that different laws for different industries was con fusing and complex, the UK Government set up a com mittee inled by Lord Robens, to recommend a way forward. Find articles by Karen Russ. The Nimrod aircraft had been in service for over 30 years indg13 had been modified twice.

These tethers and pegs obviously failed to hold the structure in place.

Useful Health and Safety Links

ICL Plastics had a factory in Glasgow where there was an explosion that demolished the building killing 9 workers and injuring a further 33 people. Analysis of the maintenance records indicated that no maintenance of this buried pipe had been undertaken. Support Center Support Center. In this case, the employer forgot Step 5 of HSE’s Five Step Risk Assessment Process, that is ‘to continually review and update the risk assessment at suitable time intervals’.

Of anyone who designs, manufactures or supplies an article or substance for use at work to ensure that it is safe. The structure was designed for its artistic merit and the focus of the Designer was on the dream-like experience that participants would enjoy.

Risk Assessment in the UK Health and Safety System: Theory and Practice

The latter will bring a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ and often sees risks that those very familiar with the area being assessed overlook due to their over familiarity. This occurred while members of the public were inside the structure and others were surrounding the structure as it fell back to earth.


A suitable and sufficient risk assessment called a Safety Case for large, high hazard plant was not completed following the modifications.

These modifications made the aircraft unsafe, but this wasn’t identified. Dreamspace, July2 Fatalities, 27 Injured Dreamspace was a large inflatable structure inside which members of the public could gpv around to experience a dream-like world of light and sound. In addition, review of the risk assessment records indicated that corrosion of this pipe, and the subsequent hazards resulting from any corrosion, had not been identified.

What harm could be caused to plant, people employees and the public and the environ ment land, water, air, plants, pkbns. This accident was completely avoidable as a suitable indf163 effective risk assessment would have identified corrosion as a hazard and hsd suitable maintenance regime, as the risk mitigation, would have prevented the LPG leak.

It is important to note that ‘Sanctions include fines, imprisonment and disqualification’. In addition, only 22 tethers were located after the incident. HSL then investigated the risk assessments that had been undertaken asking many questions. The investigation identified that fuel leaked out of a coupling during the in-flight refuelling. High quality risk assessments are usually he quite easily for individual pieces of equipment or self contained work areas.

Risk graph [ 10 ]. How bad could it be? Identify the Hazards associated with the plant equipmentpeople and processes. Dividing the time spent on the risk assessment between several individuals – this approach to risk estimation usually means that risks at interfaces between plant, people or processes are missed. These laws, covering work places such as factories, offices, railway premises etc. Open in a separate window. The paper concludes with an analysis of the common failings of risk assessments and key actions for improvement.


Good practice is about making the commitment to ensuring that risks are as low as is reasonably practicable and maintaining that commitment, by risk review and mitigation, throughout bse life of the activity being undertaken. Consider for example a small manufacturing process where Team A take raw material and prepare it for initial fabrication by Team B.

This paper gives a brief overview of where responsibility for occupational health and safety lies in the UK, and how risk should be managed through risk assessment. Ukk Risk Graph of Fig.

Please review our privacy policy. What could go wrong? In addition, individuals may be imprisoned if held personally liable.

This is illustrated in Fig. Festival of Fireworks Prosecution. Depending upon the level of harm and the probability, the risk is labelled as High, Medium or Low. The short guide to Health and Safety Regulation in the UK [ 3 ] provides a summary of the Health and Safety at Work Act and states ‘The main require ment on employers is to carry out a risk assessment. This is shown in Fig.