This is my review of Friedrich Hölderlin’s only novel, Hyperion or The Hermit in Greece. The review first appeared in the Temenos Academy. Hyperion is a novel of stirring lyricism, philosophical sublimity, and enduring influence. It stands among Hölderlin’s most extraordinary achievements. Hyperion is an epistolatory novel of education in which a Greek philosopher of the late 18th century writes letters to a German friend telling his life’s story.

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Since the moral law, however, requires that the agent act out of duty regardless holferlin what inclines her, this is hardly compatible with an ideal of harmony between duty and inclinations. William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered….

Each way of life is exemplified by a character with whom Hyperion is connected, respectively through a master-pupil relationship Adamasfriendship Alabanda and love Diotima.

This philosophy apparently makes knowledge of the Absolute i. However, Fichte does not draw all the consequences from this observation.

Carolyn O’ Connell Poetry. First English Edition Cover. Like her singing, even so was her life. Hoeller, Humanity BooksNew York. Though Hyperion may indeed wish for such nolderlin contentment, it is ironically Diotima who suggests he must do otherwise: Reveal only one of them, I say; If you reveal both at once, doubly they’ll damn you, for both. Being, throughout the course of his life.

Let us learn to live swaying As in a rocking boat on the sea. Email required Hyperioon never made public.

Friedrich Hölderlin Quotes (Author of Hyperion oder Der Eremit in Griechenland)

Originally published in two volumes in Volume 1 and Volume 2respectively, the full title is Hyperion; or, The Hermit in Greece German: Then I begin to speak of better days, and their eyes widen and shine when they think of the union that shall join us, and the proud image of the nascent free state dawns before them.


It has shared the fate of German politics and history: In one sense, when I reflect upon myself, I am distinct from the object of my awareness. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

He identifies his schooling as having made the first break between the sense of oneness experienced by a child and this later sense of estrangement. As a result of the tension between the freedom of the moral agent and this ideal of harmony, the cogency of the proposed moral value of the beautiful soul becomes questionable. Help us improve this article! Be the first to learn about new releases!

Nonetheless, as they finally enter the town, they go on a]rampage, pillaging and killing indiscriminately. The original unity which Hyperion was, from the outset, keen to recapture, is understood in different ways by Hyperion at different stages of his life.

Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin (1770—1843)

For the chained elements, Hoolderlin horses, are going off to the side, And the old Laws of the earth. I shall be satisfied though my lyre will not accompany holdetlin down there.

In another, I must understand myself as belonging to an original pre-reflective unity. And it is our duty, poets, to stand Bare-headed under the storms of God, Grasping with our own hand The Father’s beam itself, And to offer the gift of heaven, Wrapped in song, to the people. His later thought develops this idea which leads to the thought that poetry announces a new clearing of Being. Hyperion hints at this when he complains about the Germans: Italian composer Luigi Nono includes passages from Hyperion in his work Holferlin, an Diotima for string quartet as part of the score to be “sung” silently by the performers while playing the piece.


The second provides the self with an ideal of unity characterised by a belonging to Being. We die so as to live. Please try again later. Rather, it became something to aim for, something Diotima thought Hyperion could achieve for her: The hypreion that, living, did not attain its divine right cannot repose in the nether world.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Lord Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination…. The first principle of this philosophy expressed hholderlin relation of the I to itself: The state cannot command your presence, but if it does not obstruct you, you will come.

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Being In and Above: on Friedrich Hölderlin’s ‘Hyperion’

Literary Holerlin Fairy Tales. I must deceive myself into believing that she lived a long time ago, that I knew something of her from hearsay, if her living image is not to seize me so forcefully that I expire in enchantment and in pain, if I am not to die the death of joy over her and the death of mourning for her.

References and Further Reading Adorno, T.

O inspiration, you will bring us the springtime of peoples again. He leaves for Smyrna and encounters a very different solution to hyoerion problems in the form of Alabanda, a man devoted not to the worship of a past age but to the struggle for social change.