INTERNSHIP REPORT BANKING IN PAKISTAN Monetary policy and banking system play an important role in the development of all economic. is always presents quality of internship report on Askari bank limited accordance to all universities in Pakistan. Askari Bank Ltd (Islamic Banking Branch) Submittd by:Ailiya Rizvi BBA(Hons) Session: Department Of Management S.

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When the customer deposits the cheques in the branch drawn on the account in the same branch. The other assets of the bank are also showing a good amount that means that bwnk is in position to earn money from every available source. It shows that the bank has high liquidity in and less power to meet its short term obligation in Where Marketing Really Begins.

internship report on askari-bank

All the partners must sign the account opening form. Managers do the job analysis and assign responsibilities according to the caliber and skill of the employee. Like other banks the Bank also perform the main function of marketing. It can be before shipment for purchasing raw material and for asmari of shipment and after shipment, for giving the salary of labours and payment of raw material.

Corporate banking facilities are offered through three focused branches in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore and are primarily present to cater to the needs of large corporate customers. Askari Bank Sahiwal Branch also working under various departments which are working for the convenience of their customers. The second phase of the planning process for Askari Bank is the preparation of an inventory of personnel presently within the organization.


There qskari some signs of disaffection with organization such as strikes, confrontation leading to lockouts and various forms of withdrawal of cooperation by staff in furthermore of their claims.

Final Askari Bank Report Hamza | Muhammad Sami Saeed –

It is also known as confirmed cheque, because bank issues this on its own guarantee. Last department where I worked was the bills and remittances department which is assigned with the task of handling interbank and intercity transactions. Minimum monthly balance 33 5, 0.

However, on confirmation if the employee so desires, the leave may be adjusted against his entitlement and the deducted amount refunded. These kind of customer can be handle by talking politely, and by empathic. A customer generally uses this discretion.

Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The duty of this bank is to make the payment to the negotiating bank. Rural areas present a golden opportunity for any bank in Pakistan because development is taking place at a high rate and soon the areas which were once neglected will present golden business opportunities.

Therefore it is not a profit making institution. inteenship

It is indicating active utilization in the form of advances. As soon as they get a reoort opportunity, they switch. Pay order issued from one branch can only be payable from the same branch.


Internship Report on Askari Bank 2017 (New)

Hypothecation of stock is the prime security. This unique type of account is there to cater to the investment needs of individuals who need profits right away on their medium term investments and in doing so the customer receives the entire profit of their qskari straight away at the time of placement. Cash flow to profit after tax ratio tell us that whether we have ihternship all the opportunities for making profit or not Cash flow to current liabilities ratio is decreasing with the passage of time.

To identify the values and aspirations of Askari Bank’s directors and executive. While CC used vehicles are not covered in this type of financing.

Temporary Employment; and 5. The bank will make all official travel arrangements and a traveling advance may also be taken and substantiated as mentioned above.

It shows that the bank is concentrating on raising funds from depositors and trying to relies less on the borrowed funds.

Guarantees are allowed for the purchase of fertilizers and for travailing agencies to PIA. Under this policy it is necessary to report an accident to the insurance bank immediately followed by the claim forms which are filled in to substantiate the claim.