C.I. Gulian (redactor responsabil), et al., Istoria gândirii sociale şi filozofice în populare a curentelor filozofice şi sociologice din România de dinainte de “, loc. cit., pp. 42–57; Ilie Bădescu, „Şcoala Gusti: perenitatea unei paradigme“. Buc., ; Istoria literaturii române contemporane, Buc., ; Idem, O viaţă de cu o postfaţă de Ilie Bădescu, Porto-Franco, Galaţi, ; Idem, Scrieri, ediţie, vol, Eminescu, ; Idem, Prolegomene sociologice la satul românesc. O lectie de istorie cu Fernand Braudel, Editura Corint, Bucuresti, 5. Badescu, Ilie, Dungaciu, Dan, Baltasiu, Radu-Istoria sociologiei.

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Whenever we walk on tarmac, our weight is fully supported by the pavement. When walking on dry, fine sand, our feet leave istori impression. But not without having been met by some hydrodynamic resistance — which is far greater than the aerodynamic one we constantly overcome when walking on dry land.

Using whatever cultural heritage our ancestors have left us and, maybe more important, according to our limited understanding of the world. And according to bqdescu wishes, of course. Fix acum 51 de ani, Peter L. Simplificand la maxim, se poate spune ca cei doi ne explica cat de profund modificam noi realitatea care ne inconjoara — si in care traim, prin simplul fapt ca discutam intre noi despre aceasta realitate.

La o a doua lectura, vom intelege si cat de determinant este modul in care purtam aceasta discutie. Cel uzual fiind cel pe care il utilizam in mod normal.

Spre deosebire de limbajul uzual — adica cel explicit prin excelenta, limbajul diplomatic are mai degraba menirea de a pastra deschis canalul de comunicatie. Cel uzual este folosit de catre interlocutori familiari unul cu celalalt. Atat de familiari incat dau exact aceiasi conotatie cuvintelor folosite, stiu foarte bine ce parere au unul despre celalalt si, cel mai important, stiu cu totii ca relatia dintre ei va continua aproape indiferent de rezultatul episodului de comunicare in timpul caruia este folosit respectivul tip de limbaj.

Constantly forgetting that our efforts not only i,ie us to the perceived reality but also alter the reality itself, not only the image we perceive of it. Some of us consider that their understanding of the world is not only better than that of everybody else but also that they are entitled to act based on that understanding. Without asking permission from and sometimes even against the wishes of those who will bear the ikie of the consequences brought forth by those actions.

If the distance is small the energy corresponding to it is manageable. People can adjust to it and absorb its consequences. But sometimes the distance is larger than what can be comfortably absorbed and this leads to the formation of social scars. It creates the impression that economists are not in the business of constructing inherently imperfect theories, but of discovering timeless truths.

In fact Science is, above all, a human enterprise.

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Furthermore that method is applied by human individuals, not by robots. And, at the end of the cycle, some other people will evaluate — and sometimes try to replicate — the results. This has been silently acknowledged by Andrew C. Chang and Philip Li in a paper published by the Federal Reserve in In this situation I sociologkei the conclusion reached as being both correct and highly objectionable.


And above all lacking any scientific value.

Yes, it seems that too many papers published by presumably reputable journals are not replicable. Economics is not a science. But the problem remains. Or that biology is not a full blown science because medicine has not yet found a cure for cancer. Or to claim that chemistry is bogus simply because Big Pharma is ripping us off. At the end of their paper Chang and Li offer some very pertinent advice about how things could be vastly improved. In fact this exactly what science, real science, is about.

This is the only way for a theory to be proved true or false. Or incomplete so further research might be declared necessary. Similarly, at the end of his article Joris Luyendijk points his finger at the real culprit. In reality economics, as a space where people try to gather information, is different from, say physics, only because we, the people, approach them with different attitudes.

The problem is that not all of us are, yet, able to recognize the obvious. No one in his right mind will pretend, nowadays, that the Earth is flat.

Meanwhile some people still pretend that vaccines may induce autism.

istoria sociologiei pdf to excel

As suggested by Luyendijk and demonstrated by these examples the real culprit for what is going on, not only in the economic field, is our arrogance.

I obviously think they can be classified but I cannot pretend that my classification is the correct one. But I can pretend, and you sociologeii too, along with Joris Luyendijk, Andrew C Chang and Philip Li, that each of us should honestly state its point of view along with his opinion when ever discussing something. Enciclopedia Sociologiei,Vol 1, pg 6.

Spunerea poate parea banala. Evident ca sunt deosebiri calitative. Genul asta de analiza poate fi facut si pe evenimente mai marunte iar concluziile desprinse s-ar putea sa fie surprinzatoare. Dupa ce a ajuns acasa tanara i-a acuzat pe cei 7 de viol iar trei dintre ei au recunoscut faptele. Acum toti sunt acasa, sub control judiciar, si isi asteapta procesul.

Fapta mi se pare barbara dar nu despre asta am de gand sa vorbesc acum ci despre modul in care reactiile noastre releva amanunte interesante despre societatea in care traim. E adevarat ca mersul istoriei a fost dur cu comunitatile de la ses.

Acestora nu le pasa de nimic in afara de castigul imediat — baadescu boieri, proprietarii pamanturilor, mai aveau o oarecare legatura cu locurile, ciocoii luau in arenda mosia, stateau cativa ani si plecau in alta parte dupa ce il inselau si pe boier. Dupa colectivizare fenomenul s-a accentuat iar oamenii furau, pentru a supravietui, roadele propriului pamant. Numai ca genul asta de ambiguitate morala nu putea sa ramana fara consecinte.


Chiar si pentru un observator neantrenat exista diferente enorme intre istoriia cooperativizate si cele ocolite de acest flagel. Nu este vorba aici despre dimensiunea caselor ci despre modul in care sunt gospodarite aceste sate, despre cum unii matura si altii nu in fata curtilor. Despre modul in care oamenii se ajuta, sau nu, unii pe ceilalti.

Despre ce parere au unii si altii despre furt. Initial nici restul societatii nu a reactionat mult mai bine. Trec peste faptul ca cei socoilogiei se plimba pe strada si pot da nas in nas in orice moment cu victima lor.

Pana la urma acest aspect se va rezolva. Sau cel putin asa sper. Apoi si-au facut aparitia comentatori care pun pe acelasi plan exagerarile din ambele tabere. Nici una nu este buna dar nu sunt in nici un caz comparabile.

Altii prefera sa nu bage in seama ce se intampla.

Dupa principiul ca ce nu stiu nu poate sa-mi faca rau. Ba da, numai ca nici macar nu vei sti ce ti se intampla. Toate astea nu sunt altceva decat simptomul atomizarii societatii. Curg mesajele de sustinere a victimei si incep sa iasa la iveala alte si alte cazuri de viol a caror anchetare a istoris pana acum pasul pe loc.

Exact asa cum spunea Ilie Badescu, dormim asa cum ne asternem. Avem datoria, badezcu de noi insine, sa rezolvam problemele inainte sa se instaureze starea de exasperare.

Trebuie sa trecem odata peste efectele trecutului pentru ca nu are cine o faca in locul nostru. Altfel ne vom strecura printre degetele istoriei si idtoria deveni o simpla umbra pe una dintre paginile ei.

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Nu-i asa ca auziti foarte des expresia asta? Pentru inceput, avem nevoie sa sesizam diferenta dintre limbajul diplomatic si cel uzual.

Cele doua limbaje sunt atat de diferite datorita circumstantelor in care au evoluat. Tags Berger Luckmannconstruirea sociala a realitatiiInterese politicelimbaj diplomaticlimbaj uzual.

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