A balanced and very readable account of China’s metamorphosis from Maoism into the workshop of the world. China Shakes the World is an excellent book. Buy China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation: The Rise of the Hungry Nation by James Kynge (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: : Kindle Store.

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China Shakes the World by James Kynge

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Read the book for what it is a treasury of anecdotes and observations about modern Chinaand not for what it isn’t an authoritative analysis.

Books of the Week. It is a highly recommendable and worl easy to read book touching on a subject that is one of the most crucial socio-economic changes the world has since in recent times and that will, arguably, set the course cjina the XXI century.

Perhaps it is Kynge’s accessible writing style, or the fact that I had never really delved into the subject before, but economics really is just another form of history and I would not hesitate to recommend this book as another piece of the history of modern China. Albeit to be taken with a small ghe of salt.

Or maybe it is an extension of the above — every race has its master criminals, it’s not as if the Chinese are uniquely heartless here sure, poisoning babies sounds bad, but how about financing wars? Of the former, I respect their aesthetic, their intelligence, their morality, their social graces, their attitude to life, and Sbakes am on the whole more comfortable with such and wish that more of my countrymen had the imaginative capacity to live so.

China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Breakneck Rise and Troubled Future—and the Challenge for America

Still, worth a read. Get a copy as soon as you can. Verrassende anekdotes zijn die van persoonswisselingen, het bewust aangaan van ‘vriendschappen’ met westerlingen en die van verplaatste technische installaties vanuit westerse industrielanden naar de Chinese opkomende markt. Kynge’s vivid anecdotes paint a picture of a country that in many ways is downright freakish and unbelievably unfair and corrupt.


There are no independent labour unions, so workers lack the power to bid their wages upward. Maybe it’s because I am, after all, from Southeast Dorld, and this sort of thing is, well not really standard stuff, but still not that surprising. This book will help you understand how important oil is becoming, and I am more concerned about the f Written by the former China bureau chief of the Financial Times, this book is filled with well researched information.

Very well written and illustrated throughout with the stories of ordinary and not so ordinary Chinese people.

Best business books

I also observe the changes you describe in China. But it would be a mistake to assume that because China has all but jettisoned ideological communism, it will similarly discard the rule of the Communist Party. Kynge does not gloss over the problems of corruption, nepotism, and bureaucracy that challenge the guiding role of the Communist Party in guiding China’s development.

Great strides are being taken in professional services, technical design, computer software and other areas. The fall-out from any failure in China’s rush to modernity or simply from a temporary economic crash in the Chinese economy would be felt around the world.

Trivia About China Shakes the What Kynge manages to do better than any author I’ve read to date is to capture in words just how strange a trading partner China is, and how it resembles no other great power. I confess that I read only about two thirds of the book, but it was enough to understand the Western paranoia that is so rife about China.

There’s so much, it’s hard to condense it into a single blog post. James Kynge shows not only the extraordinary rise of the Chinese economy, but what the future holds as China begins to influence the world.

Anybody interested in current events and economics. The anecdote mentioned above is chilling for precisely that reason: But I think these merely facilitate a power that wells up from a source, and that source — of both successes and failures — can be traced back to demographics; from enormous market size, leading to firms jostling to enter, the immense amount of talent, the cheap human resources with an extremely hungry labor force willing to work for peanuts, the willingness to cheat to get ahead, etc.


World Show more World links. This will have a global impact.

A new era in international relations dawned, one defined by the geopolitics of scarcity. Kynge says that by China will have a larger economy than the American one. Already, they graduate nearly 1m engineering students every year, and the cost of education in both countries is far below that in Europe cgina the US. It helps a great deal that the author janes lived in China for over twenty years, and speaks Chinese, allowing him to both understand the situation better than an outsider, but able to present his topics in a way a Westerner can wrap their head around.

: China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: Kindle Store

Obviously, this is a book for those interested either in China or economics. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This means that the efficiency gains that have taken centuries or decades to distill in the West are available to China almost off-the-peg. Levels of external demand, however, are less certain.

Oct 09, Knut rated it really liked it Shelves: Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: I was not disappointed: I loved the whole book, but a part at the end reminded me of living in Russia where I usually told people that I was from a neutral country like Canada because people had too strong a sentiment towards Americans usually it was a weird mix of love and hate.