Solution for Businesses Looking for Complete Control. The Comverse Kenan FX financial framework delivers flexible customer care, ordering, and billing to. Amdocs Kenan is an open and efficient solution which tightly couples customer management, and charging and billing around a single data model, the. Jan 26, This tutorial gives you a complete understanding on Telecom Billing. There are state-of-the-art Billing Systems available in software market which handle billing task very efficiently and Kenan Arbor

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There are well known bodies like MACH who interface between different roaming partners to help them to exchange their CDRs, setting up roaming agreements and resolving any dispute. With an agile platform, Amdocs Kenan skillfully handles complex revenue management for customers by tutorixl any combination of voice, video, messaging, content or Systemm Protocol IP for complex B2B customers or traditional B2C kenan billing system tutorial.

These are the customers who use Fixed line ie.

If, for a pre-paid business, operator needs to have skilled manpower to control the operation, same time operator needs a great turorial to handle post-paid customer’s queries related to their charging, bills, and fixing operational issues. This settlement is done as per TAP3 protocol which I will discuss in upcoming chapters. So even if, a customer is not using it, he has to pay monthly rental. Convergent billing means creating a unified view of the customer and all services Mobile, Tutlrial, IP, etc.

Indicators that note the use of features such as call forwarding, three-way calling.

To determine the customer account that has to be charged for the event. When running the Billing Engine in test mode, commits are not made to the database. For example, revenue can be lost due to many reasons like leakage in network system or mediation or billing mistakes, demand for introducing new services quickly, etc.


These reports provide Revenue Assurance RA information ensuring that all the sources of revenue and expenses are under observation and there is no bipling of any sort of revenues.

Telecom Billing – Introduction

The system should also provide workforce scheduling and manage activities performed at the customer premises. Collection agencies work on a percentage of collected revenue. To apply any applicable rating time discounts. Such type of charges are settled through roaming billing.

There are always different levels of support kept in place by the service providers. There is always a threshold up to what an operator can tolerate revenue loss associated with a particular customer; same time, there is a threshold of risk an operator can take with a particular customer.

Payment reports provide information on the sysstem account payments during a period of tutodial. This mode is used to produce normal production bills. When you drill down billing subject, it becomes more complicated. All tutoriwl concepts discussed so far in this tutorial were related to retail billing and subsequent chapters will discuss about interconnect billing, roaming billing, and other billing types. Service Provider need to carry out bilping credit check on the customer and assign appropriate credit class based on credit history and monthly income tec.

These files are exchanged using simple FTP connection. So, such type of reports are developed if they are not available and scheduled within the system, so that they can be sent in end user’s e-mail box without any manual intervention. In such a case, issue is further escalated to 4th level support. Initiation bill Normally, only requested as the first bill on an account.


Advanced Social Media and Content Marketing Combo This certification is aimed at training applicants in the field of social media, amplifying the message, kenan billing system tutorial the audience and building authority. Further steps can be added if the discount is required to become more or less favorable with greater volumes. If prices are non-proratable, billing system would charge the customer for the whole, month which would not be fair with the customer. You can find thousands of vendors, who are selling their kenan billing system tutorial products with a claim of lot of features, but there are a few in the market which are really good and most commonly used.


All the rejected events are posted to a special account which is called internal account or suspense account and these rejected events are called suspense events. Clearing houses receive billing records from one roaming partner for the inbound roamers and submit billing records to another roaming partner for which this roamer would be called outbound roamer. Sometimes, they are called canned or standard reports. When Billing System encounters a problem with a particular event, the offending event is rejected.

Interconnect billing is related to inter-carrier or sometime called partner settlements. These customers recharge their phones based on their requirements. Customer starts utilizing all the products and services bought and start generating national and international, data and voice calls, which will be rated and billed by the billing system and we will discuss those processes in subsequent chapters.

The CDR is then stored until it can be rated.


On a given date, total number of active customers in the system are called the customer base. A repetition of all or billlng of an event file being passed to the Rating Engine.

These bank accounts are referred to as holding accounts and sends payment details to the billing system in text files.