such as fishing vessels, mobile test labs, transport vehicles, and vibrating production facilities. See: CS10 for the brochure. Price: $1, Product ID FD Infrared Moisture Determination Balance FD Kett. (This product is discontinued). Click here to view the alternative product. Price: Contact Request for. Moisture Analyser Kett FD Contact us for pricing, features and informations. IROM Italia, plants for the processing of rice and cereals.

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The Kett KJT30 is the world’s smallest and lightest in-line system.

FD Advanced Moisture BalanceData CollectionAn optional thermal printer allows you to record test parameters, kegt output anddrying curves to expedite program optimization. On-site Measurement allows Generate Test Results to Convince and Satisfy Customers The instrument’s portable size makes it convenient for onsite field measurements. The unique Bias function allows adjustment to the data Obtained by other measureing methods or other testers.

Other Related Products Moisture Meter. No other moisture testers offers the versality of FD which used 5mg resolution Weiging unit and a proven Watt infrared bulb.

The filters pass specific wavelengths of light which are absobed by component as well as reference wavelengths. Quick and easy measurements are made by merely thrusting the mett rod into the bale. Price Moisture Meter Kett Fd One of the biggest problems is corrosion. This Company is no longer active.

When the measurement is completed the turntable stops and the results are displayed.

6100 measurement is achieved without pre-processing the samples that is often required in competitive It is known that the moisture content of the stuffing and atmospheric temperature are big factors in the outbreak of tatami matt lice infestations.


Using theprinciple of near-infrared Upto six data can be monitored and also RSC output enables these data transferring to the computer.

All Kett catalogs and technical brochures

Further, high moisture content in the stuffing can also be the cause of fungi and decay. Equipped with high accuracy analytical balance and new designed long life 20, to 30, hours Mid-wave Infrared quartz heater and 6 different measurement modes.

Standard Kett FeaturesKett offers a collection of standard features generally only available onhigher-priced units. Recently Kett has introduced the newest generation, the Riceter-m. Brand Related With Moisture Meter. This will help us ensure our products are RoHS-compliant. The Riceter-m was designed to be an even more reliable moisture tester providing even greater ease of’ use. Number of analytical curves: To avoid unwanted things, please be careful when making a transaction. By placing polished rice in the measuring tray, adding color with a pH indicator, then reading in with a scanner and analyzing the image of each individual grain of rice, it is possible to manage rice freshness using images and numerical values.

This simple-to-use device allows the user to conduct accurate field testing of staticfriction on a variety of substances.

When the system is started, a nonvolatile memoryremembers the calibration that was last used and automatically uses thiscalibration to The Riceter-m is a completely new design based upon the extensive know-how that Kett has accumulated with the Riceter series.

Kett | FD Electronic Moiseture Balance – Karya Mandiri Instrument indonesia

The Online Industrial Exhibition. To operate,place several grains of rice, wheat, barley or oats in thesample holder For soybeans, it can also measure oil content. Since it is possible to quantify the testing process without relying on detecting color differences with the naked eye, it is thus possible to completely standardize the freshness measurement.


Instant Portable Flour Moisture MeterInstantly Measure Moisture in FlourThis simple-to-use instrument provides instant, non-destructive moisture content measurement in wheat flour and rice flour, whole wheat, milled and paddy rice as well as df A signal is also output simultaneously.

Moisture Meter Kett Fd 610

Moisture BalanceQuality High Speed Measurement – Budget PriceThis simple-to-use instrument measures fast, direct moisture or solid measurements in many products. Which Version Do You Need? The Jett KB30 is the world’s smallest and lightest in-line system. The compact, light weight To test, simply select the calibration to be used and then pressthe paper against the There is no specular reflection of light from the glass.

What needs to be tested today may be different thanwhat is measured six months, one year, or five years from now. Simply place the probe on the product and themoisture content is instantly shown This moisture tester can measure the moisture content of tatami surfacing, rice straw stuffing and tatami board wooden board flooring materialcontrol of the moisture content of which is prescribed by both the Japan Industrial Standard in particular, as well as the Japan Agricultural Standard.

Measurement of samples using a container with gd glass cover If a sample is likely to quickly lose or gain moisture, it can be placed in a sample cup with a glass cover.