Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***. June 20, This is one of the strangest maths books you are ever likely to encounter. Written in the s. Mathematics for the Million has ratings and 20 reviews. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this. “It makes alive the contents of the elements of mathematics.”—Albert Einstein. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads .

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That line only leads to mysticism.

It has pages. Math for the layman, written in ‘s. Some of the incorrect statements that head each article are well-covered, if often still believed for example, people thought that world was flat before Columbussome are a little tricksy in the wording such as seas have to wash up against land and some are just pleasantly surprising countering the idea that gold is a rar….

It’s hard to say how well it delivers from the modern viewpoint of someone who has gone through all this stuff at school in a fairly traditional way. This isn’t an easy affair, though some readers out there are probably laughing a I actually really enjoy this book but the first time this book was given to me I passed it on to a friend who is much more math loving and math inclined than I.

HPM Newsletter

As a new regular feature of the HPM Newsletter, members of the HPM community will be asked to name a book or books, or a paper that has been important to them and to give their reasons for this. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Published September 17th by W. HPM Newsletter history and pedagogy of mathematics. In keeping with its time, there is a quite a lot about the use of determinants but no appearance of a matrix.

Unlike his contemporaries, who were all for working through hundreds of geometry proofs for completeness, Hogben fills in the parts hogebn each stage of mathematical development needed to reach the next stage and gives us no more.

I have to stop to think about tbe of the pages and even go to the dictionary and look up some of the words. Mathemwtics continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Taking thf the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this famous book through the whole course from simple arithmetic to calculus.


String theory and its big brother M-theory, which as Baggott points out, is not actually a the…. A few years later I asked him how he enjoyed it and he proceeded to become my tutor. However, the Noam Chomsky cites the author of this book as a “left intellectual” because he tries to popularize mathematics. Lancelott written in a pretty old-fashioned style nowadays but that plus the beautiful hand drawn diagrams make it a fantastic book I like the way that the author tells the history of mathematics and its uses starting from ancient times.

Possibly because it’s so dated, had some interesting angles on some concepts. There’s no doubt that Jim Baggott is one of the best popular science writers currently active.

The book claims to teach mathematics through tracing its story of development. Reshu rated it it was amazing May 16, By the end of the book we meet almost all the mathematics that was then part of advanced mathematics in British schools prior to university.

Important books: Mathematics for the million by Lancelot Hogben | HPM Newsletter

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I will eventually finish. Mar 13, southernmyst marked it as gave-up-on. But a familiarity with algebraic manipulation is necessary almost from the outset.

Both spoke against the then fashionable idea of eugenics. Ali rated it it was ok Mar 02, I still don’t fully understand some of the concepts, so I’ll probably read it again someday. It is a unique and fascinating book that looks at the historical development of mathematics with a clear focus on the most practical of mathematical applications from geometry to statistics but doesn’t shy away from the great leaps of logic and calculus.

This is the latest of a series of ‘Everything You Know About I was asked recently how I had become interested in the history of mathematics.

Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***

His illuminating explanation is addressed to the mlilion who wants to understand the place of mathematics in modern civilization but who And the reward is a number of delights, including this instruction from the British Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries on how to lay lancepot a right angle for a plantation of fruit trees: The majority of the time he achieves with a fluid writing style that remains easily readable, though inevitably there are some aspects that are difficult for the readers ohgben get their heads around – and this is certainly true of his latest title Quantum Spacewhich takes on loop quantum gravity.


Because Diderot mathematice no knowledge of algebra, he conceded the debate and walked out. To be fair a little more than following rules is required for higher school mathematics, but not much more. The striking thing about the book is that the mathematics is presented from the outset as an historical development. He is dismissive of the Plato school of philosophical reflections about the nature of number. It is unashamedly Whiggish in style.

Stephen Hawthorne rated lancelkt it was amazing May 01, For its mathematical content, I would certainly recommend the book to any budding mathematician.

He had a copy of this book given to him by his father-in-law. Hogben, in a distinctive, mellifluous if sometimes prolix style, starts with the basics of arithmetic and leads us all the way through to calculus.

Mathematics is the langu Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this famous book through the whole course from simple arithmetic to calculus. A sweep of some grandeur over the rise of mathematics, from calendar civilisations to the great flowering in Alexandria and beyond. So we have a To ask other readers questions about Mathematics for the Millionplease sign up.

October 1, in Uncategorized. The languages of size have no place for private sentiment, either of the individual or of the nation. Ben Frisch rated it it was amazing Oct 18,