Comprises of two polaroids – fixed polarizer with Laurent’s Half device and rotatable analyzer, mounted at the opposite ends of a tube along the same horizontal. For measurement of optical rotation of plane polarized light by solutions of optically active substances. Comprises of two polaroids – fixed polarizer with. Two types of polarimeters are generally used in the laboratory now a days: (a) Laurent’s Half Shade Polarimeter. (b) Biquartz Polarimeter. Laurent’s Half .

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The polarjmeter may be thought of as slits S1 and S2. Quartz plates are preferred by many users because solid samples are much less affected by variations in temperature, and do not need to be mixed on-demand like sucrose solutions.

The difference of the two readings will give you angle of rotation of plane of polarization 8. It oscillates the plane of polarization to enhance the detection accuracy by allowing the point of maximal hxlf to be passed through again and again and thus be determined with even more accuracy.

So the light is transmitted by analyzer A and the field of view of telescope becomes bright. Just after the convex lens there is a Nicol Prism P which acts as a polariser. The quartz is luarent parallel to the optic axis.

The normal polarimeter requires the experimenter to look for the maximum or minimum brightness, and this is a tricky thing to do: Most automatic polarimeters make this calculation automatically, given input on variables from the user.

More importantly, though, you’re comparing two signals that have positive slope, and this does wonders for the sensitivity. In order to determine specific rotation of an optically active solution say sugar solution polarimeter tube is first filled with pure water and analyzer is adjusted in such a way position that we get tint of passage.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Post as a guest Name. When it is rotated through the right angle no waves can pass through halg right angle and the field appears to be dark.

Nowadays a camera system allows accurate monitoring of the sample and filling conditions in the sample cell from inside the instrument. Now the analyzer is rotated by a finite angle so that the field of view of telescope again become dark. H is a half shade device which divides the field shsde polarised light emerging out of the Nicol P into two halves generally of unequal brightness.

Polarimeter – Wikipedia

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The light after being polarized by the Nicol polarizer,could have entered the tube containing the optically active solution and then the rotated position at which light of maximum brightness is seen, could have been recorded by the Nicol analyser. The online monitoring of the filling process ensures that no bubbles or particles obstruct the measurement.

In order to understand the need of a half shade device, let us suppose that half shade device is not present. This will happen only when the analyzer is rotated by the same angle by which plane of polarization of light is rotated by optically active solution. Shaona Bose 2 6 One half ACB is made of glass while other half is made of quartz. Webarchive template wayback links Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Commons category link is on Wikidata.

The light waves may be considered to correspond to waves in the string. Hence glass half will be brighter than quartz half or we can say that glass half will be bright laurrent the quartz halc will be dark. Thus we can measure the angle of rotation and hence specific rotation more accurately.

Therefore, the optical rotation depends on temperature, concentration, wavelength, path shadw, and the substance being analyzed. The O-component travels faster in quartz and hence an emergence 0-component will be along OD instead of along OC.


The optically active solution rotates the plane of polarization of the light emerging out of the polariser P by some angle.

The O-component travels faster in quartz and hence an emergence 0-component will be along OD instead of along OC. One rotates in clockwise while other in anticlockwise.

Laurent’s Half-Shade Polarimeter

On the other hand, if shaed principal plane of analyzer is along DOC. Thickness of the quartz is selected in such a way that it. With a known concentration of a sample, polarimeters may also be applied to determine the specific rotation when characterizing a new substance.

The earliest polarimeters, which date back to the s, required the user to physically rotate one polarizing element the analyzer whilst viewing through another static element the detector.

Their electric field oscillates in all possible planes relative to their direction of propagation. The usefulness of the half-shade is on the sensitivity of the apparatus. Let us consider that the vibration of polarisation is along OP.

If analyzing Nicol is rotated slightly on either side of.

Structure and Mechanisms Fifth ed. This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat The thickness of each half is approximately 3. A telecentric camera gives a sharp image over the complete length of any sample cell placed within modern instruments.

By measuring the angle e the specific rotation of an optically active substance can be determined. Hence by using half shade device, one can measure angle of rotation more accurately. In order to understand the need of a half-shade device, let us suppose that half-shade device is not present. To overcome above difficulty half shade device is introduced between polariser P and glass tube T.