LEGO set database: Refuse Collection Truck. LEGO Instructions Set Number Refuse Collection Truck – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. Find great deals for Lego Town Classic Refuse Collection Truck (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I think that truck has seven pieces total in it. However, our bin collectors for sure don’t use a broom or shovel!

The shape of the lorry in the set is still quite accurate, pretty good for a four-wide vehicle I must admit to preferring the newer vehicles. Like many such town 669, I would characterise it as cute. Again the complete set.

They didn’t have the emptying mechanism. A view on the back of the truck.

Lego City Refuse Collection Truck With Instruction | eBay

The accessories that accompany the set. The minifig civil servants never seem to become tired and the Garbage truck comes every other day to collect the rubbish and keep the city clean. Presumably it should depict cylinders to let the back compartment tip for emptying or otherwise it might be gastanks. kego

Yeah its very nice along with all the older sets. So after our dark ages, one 66693 the first sets we bought, were some of those nice refuse collection trucks.


Great review, and I love the soft yellow effect to the pics IMO, the most recent garbage truck should’ve used the same piece for lifting the cans into the big bin instead of the droid arms. From that year on, every miniman and miniwoman is happily using a trash bin. Another image of the LEGO items in the set. That was all the pictures I was allowed to take since it 66693 that those brave man still have quite some trash cans to pego.

I prefer the six wide for trucks, but for the 80’s it was perfect and even today still holds it’s own! Having two minifigs is a superior point for this earlier Lego rendition of a bin lorry.

6693-1: Refuse Collection Truck

Posted December 21, The back part of the truck can be opened, so it can discharge the rubbish like real garbage trucks. The secret behind the clean Lfgo city and the always happy ‘standard grin’ of our minifolks are the anti-litter warriors that use their 66693 machines and handy tools to just get the job done!

Unfortunately I afraid we don’t have any boxes of this set left. Posted December 23, A broom and a shovel to help cleaning up in case a dustbin tips over. Already have an account? Refuse Collection Truck Set No. Panels inside the back of the truck maximize waste capacity for this 4 stud wide lefo. Thanks so much for the great review, I love that truck!


Lgo must get it one day to replace this abomination currently doing garbage duty in my town: Register a new account. Of course set The orange garbage truck of last year is also nice, we also own some of those but we never put them in our LEGO Town since they take too much room and the color scheme of is also more preferable to us.

I would almost say that no one played with it much as 66993 of the parts were brand new.

Thanks for the review. This is what the truck will look like when dumping the litter at the recycle plant or dump site, the whole back nicely tilts, so that all the litter will fall out of the truck. You’ve also mentioned that in your review, and I find it a wonderful detail!

It is very complete set but some additions could make it even more playable:.