Learning the Lesser Hexagram Rituals Part I. by Simon Jester. How to form Elemental Hexagrams. The Hexagram Rituals used by magicians when working with. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram can be performed with either your pointer finger or a wand. 1. Perform the LBRP, making sure to finish the ritual. The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram: Banishing. This ritual is to be performed after the “Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.” Stand upright, feet together, left arm at .

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The magician should experiment with these various forms to find the one that works for them. So Set and Apep were in fact adversaries.

Augoeides: Thoughts on the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

If I were approaching this mystically which as far as I can tell seems to be all you could do with a method like this I probably would skip the GRH entirely. There is a Thelemic tradition of using a variant of the standard form of the Hexagram, called the Unicursal Hexagram. Note that I have never visited the southern hemisphere, so I never have tried to do my practices there and see how well they work.

It creates a banishing field, which basically shuts down both microcosmic and macrocosmic magical forces. The real work begins. Riual is the Isis phase.

Rituals of the Hexagram

Within the Golden Dawn corpus, there is a slightly odd ritual called the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram. Drawing of geomantic symbols is a creative art.


Basically, for the most part it doesn’t work. Finally, one can use the Invoking Hexagram of Earth for Saturn. The center is the center of the ritual space, which symbolizes the Axis Mundi, the spiritual pole of the cosmos, which is ultimately the Angel itself. I really enjoyed banlshing presentation on Thelema Now, as well.

This article is not as detailed as my presentation on the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, which was written for a Pagan Pride audience that I assumed would include a lot of novice practitioners who might never have even performed a ceremonial ritual.

Then face East and say: You can stop at any point in that sequence when you reach the entity you want to work with. Regardie, Israel, The Golden Dawnpg. At the same time, beginners often can have excellent experiences with planetary invocations. Then face East, and say: Wings of Aethyr Loading Conjuctio is assigned to the mutable Mercury and draws things together rather than separate them.

Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

When drawing the second triangle of a Hexagram, begin with the point associated with the planetary compliment of the primary planetary force with which you are working. When completed, the Hexagram thus formed should be charged with the word: They could also use shapes and curls, the lines containing the oof could be made closer or further apart to make more geometrically balanced shapes.

Drawing the four Elemental Hexagrams in the ritually proper fashion is somewhat complicated, and you have to begin the learning process by thoroughly memorizing the differing positions of the planets on all four forms. As always, if you lack these tools, or happen to be somewhere without them, you may use the first two fingers of your right hand to cast the Hexagrams.


However, Conjuctio to unite the other hexagrams to mark off and seal the protective circle. The blue triangle represents the aspiration, since blue is rituap color of devotion, and the triangle, kinetically considered, is the symbol of directed force.

These can be depicted as blue and red respectively. Perform the analysis of the keyword. The alternative forms are:. Completing the circle, repeat the analysis of the keyword. One might lessdr, in parallel with the rituals of the Pentagram, that this would be a more advanced form of Hexagram ceremony than the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram.

In this arrangement, Air is in the east, Fire is in the banishiny, Water is in the west, and Earth is in the north. Part kesser the work of the adept is to harmonize the aspects of the psyche with the Higher Self, of which the planets form the aspects. This ritual form can be modified, as above, to invoke particular signs of the Zodiac and Sephirah.

If you are such a practitioner, I recommend that you review my Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram presentation before delving into this one.