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Ministerio de Economía Fomento y Reconstrucción, Gobierno de Chile. Ley No. , D.S. No. FAO. Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. por el que se fija el texto refundido, coordinado y sistematizado de la Ley núm. , de y sus modificaciones, Ley General de Pesca y Acuicultura. numerosos artículos de la Ley General de Pesca y Acuicultura, y de las leyes que Fíjase el siguiente texto refundido, coordinado y sistematizado de la Ley Nº.

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Chapter VI pertains to cooperatives’ financial system such as sources of incomes. IV deals with fishing resources. Part 2 contains provisions on marine fishing, commercial or sport-recreational, on quotas and permits, on fishing vessels, on fishing nets, on cultivation of fish and other lwy organisms.

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Part 7 introduces a section under Prohibited activities in relation to the driftnet fishing vessels in addition to the other destructive fishing methods previously covered under Cap Remaining provisions set out rules for leu of vessels such as the stowage of gear, disposal of waste matter, and the fitting out of vessels, regulate scienti8fic research art. Article 10, inter alia, prohibits industrial vessels to fish in the coastal waters in order to protect coastal fishermen. Provisions regarding aquaculture deal with a variety of matters including; licensing, conditions, protection of the aquatic ecosystem, introduction of exotic species, public leasing of lands, exclusive rights to farm and harvest, restoration of the environment and control of fish diseases.

Regulates establishment of the Fund, objectives of the Fund, composition, meetings and powers of the board, appointment of staff, protection of members, and some related matters.

Article 3 sets out the purpose of the present Law. Fisheries Act of Maldives, Act No.

Article 15 introduces the issuance of Decrees by the Ministry. Fisheries Act Act Fisheries Amendment Act No.

V specifies legal liability for compliance with the Law. For purposes of community-based fishing, the Secretary of State may also establish Community 1889 Centres. Payment of unemployment benefits.


Conditions that does entitle to unemployment benefits to fishermen and hunters without vessels. Provisions of section 99 empower the Department of Agriculture and Commerce to divide fishing areas of Liberia into zones and to close fishing areas for purposes of fish protection.

Article 11 defines the inactive farmers.

The need to have insurance in case of occupational accidents and casualties is contained in Part VI, along with notification and investigation of accidents to and by the competent authority. It defines “sea” as the inland waters and territorial sea belonging to the State of Abu Dhabi.

Factory Vessel Regulations L. Clasifica la pesca en cinco tipos: Prohibition of driftnet fishing. The Act prescribes the requirement of a licence to be issued by the Director and an authorization of the Secretary of State to fish on the High Seas and the Director shall maintain a record of High Seas fishing vessels. Four Articles by which the Minister of Labour and Social affairs lays down the structure of a cooperative Society to safeguard the social and economic interests of Dubai’s fishermen.

Fisheries Management and Development Act No 35 of Amends title 46 of the U.

Conditions and causes for the revocation of fisheries cooperatives are defined in Chapter II. The purpose of this chapter to establish certain standards for the protection and promotion of the health, safety and general welfare of people of the Territory of American Samoa; to encourage the orderly scheduling and safe operation of vessels in interisland and coastwise traffic in American Samoa and adjacent waters; to promote the public health, safety and general welfare by preventing unfair competition by and between vessels 188892 in American Samoa; to provide for fair and uniform rates, procedures, and regulations dealing with vessels operating in interisland and coastwise shipping in American Samoa and adjacent waters.

Fisheries cooperatives constitution dealt with in Chapter III.

Contracts for longer working hours shall be void. Act of 22 December to amend and supplement the Act on fisheries. All fishing vessels and gear shall be registered with the Bureau of Fisheries. Requirements regarding 188922 income.


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Marine Amendment Decree Decree No. Also sets out policy 81892 for ports, harbours and fishing villages. Stipulates that all vessels shall report to the nearest coastal station every 24 hours.

The cooperative charter documents shall contain date, place of issue, name of cooperative, purpose and area of work, capital and share value, name of each member, place of residence and occupation art. Part II provides for the issuance of fishing licences. Vessels that are not motorized ,ey motorized but not exceeding four meters of overall length and vessels used exclusively for recreation fishing shall not be required to operate under a license art.

Introduction of fish into Fishery Waters.

The purpose of this Law is to regulate economic activities in fishing, and to protect fishing workers’ lawful rights and interests Ch. No spear guns shall be used art. Part 14 provides for the repeat of Cap 33, and the savings on regulations, orders and notices made or given sander the repealed Ordinance to remain in force unless inconsistency with this Act occurred. AN ACT of Parliament to provide for the consolidation of the laws on the regulation and promotion of agriculture generally, to provide for the establishment of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority, to make provision for the respective roles of the national and county governments in agriculture excluding livestock and related matters in furtherance of the relevant provisions of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution and for connected purposes.

It contains detailed rules regarding the cabins and the working area.