Creating a new survey. Presentation and Navigation Tab. Format: A drop down box that allows you to choose either: Question by Question: Survey will display. May 4, Part of this tutorial was adapted from a tutorial by LimeSurvey. See its complete version at: ?page. LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a free and open source on-line survey application written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database, .

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For more details, check the following wiki. The list type of question allows to limfsurvey single questions using the same answers, but each question is displayed individually also in terms of design.

Once you are done updating, click on the button save. Answer the first option that applies to you. Sets the maximum numeric value for the dropdown lists.

Depending upon your chosen ‘question type’ this option may appear. Would you like to change anything in your family life? Bootswatch themes can be used to quickly edit your limmesurvey.

Surveys – introduction

This option is by default No. You can now select the desired survey and start editing it. If the question about liesurvey would be in the same group as the question about marriage, then it cannot appear conditionally. A notification is simply an email sent to the participants that includes a link to the survey.


LimeSurvey User Guide : Survey Solutions : University of Vermont

Note that if you are using tokens, then this option will have no effect because the token itself will not tutodial the participant to take the survey more than once. This value may indicate whether the attribute is applied or not usually a 1 to applyor it may indicate a value used by the attribute.

This is the email address of the administrator as above and is used as the ‘reply to: Your survey needs a name. In dual scale questions, if limesurvej attribute is set, the layout will use the provided text as a prefix and suffix before and after the dropdown input elements.

If you do not want this to happen, select “No”.

Once you are done with the options, click on the Copy survey button located on the bottom of the page. Array Flexible Labels dual scale. Multi Option Question Code: If you choose Yesthen when a response is submitted, a field will be included in that response indicating the IP-address limsurvey the participant.


We put curly brackets around it to distinguish it from normal text. LimeSurvey currently supports the following built-in “C” attributes: Test run the question to see what happens if you try to enter text. Chosing the “Default” language will present you with an interface in your own language. LimeSurvey currently supports the following tuhorial “M” attributes: Add a question asking the participants age.

Did you ever become a widow?

Limesurvey Tutorial

Only works for the text type questions listed below. Having the answers display randomly is useful to remove the possibility of bias from answers to questions. When you insert text in rutorial field, a “Question Mark” icon appears on the survey entry screens with the help text right beside it.

A text value to be suffixed to a text entry box. What is your name? Log on with your university number.